Adobe to Transform Qualcomm’s Digital Strategy with New Partnership

Adobe has partnered with Qualcomm to support its digital strategy and that of its affiliated companies through highly personalized B2B marketing.

Qualcomm will adopt Adobe Experience Cloud and Adobe Experience Platform (AEP) to reach new audiences and support growth across segments such as mobile, automotive, and IoT. Additionally, Adobe Commerce will allow Qualcomm to provide a better customer experience for its developer community by enabling them to complete commerce transactions directly with the company.

“Whether a customer is buying a connected device or the cutting-edge chips inside, everyone now expects to have a brand experience that is captivating, connected and relevant. Adobe Experience Platform empowers us to reimagine the way we engage customers when they embrace our transformative technologies by integrating real-time personalization into our omnichannel approach,” said Don McGuire, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.

Qualcomm Leverages Most Adobe Applications

Together with Adobe Experience Platform, Qualcomm will utilize a suite of applications from Adobe, including Adobe Real-Time Customer Data Platform, Adobe Journey Optimizer, and Customer Journey Analytics. These applications will enable Qualcomm to connect data from all channels, including CRM, lead generation, website visits, and emails, while ensuring governance and security. The platform will allow teams to create content experiences across buyer journeys, starting from the website and ending at a trade show, and develop a feedback loop where insights are shared across the organization.

In addition to leveraging Adobe Experience Platform, Qualcomm will also leverage Adobe Creative Cloud and Adobe Document Cloud for digital content creation. AEP will leverage data to offer content and new services to the appropriate audiences at the right time. Qualcomm will also expand its use of Marketo Engage with new measurement capabilities, thus enabling deeper B2B insights on sales and marketing performance. This data will help inform broad personalization campaigns, providing additional insight to enhance Qualcomm's digital strategy.

“By adopting Adobe’s enterprise applications, Qualcomm has an end-to-end solution that will enhance omnichannel experiences for business customers and improve marketing performance. The partnership will help Qualcomm take its own digital transformation to the next level and deliver new ways to showcase the transformative technologies it is delivering to the world,” said Anil Chakravarthy, President, Digital Experience Business, Adobe.

As B2B customers increasingly use new channels to engage with their technology partners, the industry is shifting towards a self-service model. AI-driven Adobe Commerce, which utilizes advanced data-sharing capabilities, will enable Qualcomm to create customized content for specific customer segments such as mobile, auto, and IoT developers. Adobe Commerce allows teams to update pages promptly and manage various businesses from a single platform.

Another reason behind this collaboration is developing brand engagement among developers. With Adobe Experience Platform (AEP), Qualcomm can quickly identify drone developers visiting their website, offer access to relevant IoT development kits, and use automated workflows to gather insights. Additionally, AEP supports seamless transactions, a crucial element for customers who want to make online purchases, such as automotive manufacturers looking buying advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) solutions. To drive new sales, providing customers with a seamless digital experience is essential.