Attentive Upgrades Conversational Platform to Offer Context-Specific Responses

Conversational commerce company Attentive has introduced the latest version of its conversational platform - Concierge - now powered by Attentive AI - automated and integrated artificial intelligence. With the integration of AI technology, the new Attentive Concierge can now provide highly-relevant and context-specific responses to customer inquiries in a much shorter time frame.

Customers want personalized support while shopping online, just as they would expect in a physical store. Attentive's recent State of Conversational Commerce Report revealed that more than 87% of consumers prefer to connect with a brand through SMS for inquiries related to products or checkout. As a response to this demand, Concierge serves as a virtual personal shopper for brands, offering tailored recommendations and answers to customer queries based on their needs.

Attentive AI has enhanced the customer experience by providing a more advanced level of service through Concierge. Unlike chatbots that operate within predefined boundaries, Attentive AI leverages its training on a vast amount of customer data points to continuously improve its responses. Concierge can thus deliver more accurate and relevant answers, enhancing the customer's experience and increasing sales for brands.

“Marketers are constantly being asked to do more with less while at the same time, consumer demands are only increasing. Concierge together with Attentive AI allows brands to help customers in a fraction of the time, without compromising the buying experience,” said Brian Long, CEO and co-founder of Attentive.

Key AI-powered Concierge benefits  

24/7 availability: Attentive's real-time conversational platform enables brands to provide customers with an always-available shopping experience similar to an in-store visit via mobile devices.

Personalization for all interactions: The platform offers hyper-personalization, enabling brands to identify and offer up-sell and cross-sell opportunities to customers based on their first- and zero-party data.

More customer support options: Attentive allows brands to expand their customer support options by offering SMS as a channel for communication. This results in improved response time for customers while also freeing up resources for the brand's team to handle more complex scenarios.

Always on-brand: The platform provides authentic and human-like responses, consistent with the brand's voice and tone, while still being able to handle conversations at scale.

Attentive's platform allows brands to provide direct feedback to further train the AI model by flagging messages that resonate or suggest improvements, which the platform can learn from to improve future interactions. This leads to better customer experience, higher satisfaction, and increased loyalty to the brand.