TTEC Digital Launches Data Solution for Google CCAI Platform

TTEC Digital has announced the launch of a data and analytics solution - Optics - for the Google Contact Center Artificial Intelligence (CCAI) Platform.

Optics for Google CCAI Platform is a new application designed for cloud-native contact centers, one of the first offerings available on the Google Marketplace for this purpose. The application enables businesses to make the most of their current investments, gain an overview of their contact center data, and detect patterns that can speed up the time it takes to achieve value and provide a seamless experience for their customers.

"We are proud to partner so closely with Google Cloud as we help enterprises reimagine and orchestrate the next generation of contact center interactions. Optics for Google CCAI Platform empowers brands to drive key metrics and make better-informed decisions by making it easy to access and share their data," said Dave Seybold, CEO of TTEC Digital.

Optics for Google CCAI Platform streamlines the extraction of data from the Google CCAI Platform and transfers it to Google Big Query. By automating this process, the application gets customers to focus on leveraging their data rather than spending time on data extraction. Optics makes the data accessible across the entire organization, allowing it to be integrated with other resources.

The solution enables businesses to utilize modern Business Intelligence (BI) tools such as Looker to analyze their data. TTEC Digital has developed pre-built Looker dashboards, models, reports, and contact center KPIs that customers can implement, allowing organizations to gain deeper insights into their contact center data and leverage these insights to make informed decisions.

At the beginning of the year, TTEC Digital launched InteractionSync for Amazon Connect to allow customer service agents to track and analyze voice interactions made through Amazon Connect within Microsoft Dynamics 365.