Avaya ENGAGE 2023: Redefining the Cloud Journey with Immersive Innovations and Partnerships

Avaya has revealed significant advancements at the Avaya ENGAGE 2023, including integrations, collaborations, and enhanced capabilities that redefine the cloud journey for customers. These developments allow customers to leverage cloud capabilities, such as the latest features and functionality offered by the Avaya Experience Platform, while still maintaining their existing on-premise environments.

“By seamlessly integrating cloud innovations with Avaya Experience Platform, Avaya enables customers to embark on their cloud journey confidently and effortlessly. Unlike ‘pure cloud’ vendors, Avaya allows customers to seamlessly layer innovative cloud capabilities onto their existing infrastructure to enhance customer and employee experiences while avoiding significant risks associated with typical ‘rip and replace’ approaches,” said Ahmed Helmy, Global Vice President and General Manager of Avaya Experience Platform, Avaya.

The company has implemented an innovation-without-disruption strategy that enables mixed-estate deployments, allowing a smooth coexistence of on-premise and cloud-based solutions. This approach is particularly beneficial for large and complex deployments in highly sensitive and regulated sectors such as critical care hospitals, financial services, banking, and governmental agencies across various global locations.

The Avaya Experience Platform's recent features cater to diverse stakeholders by offering multilingual support, improved collaboration, advanced reporting, enhanced administrative capabilities, and expanded APIs for developers.

Expanded partnership with Google and Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise

Furthermore, Avaya has strengthened its partnerships with leading technology companies, namely Google Cloud and Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise, to enhance its cloud capabilities and support customers in their digital transformation journeys.

The collaboration with Google Cloud has resulted in the development of advanced contact center AI solutions. By combining Avaya's contact center technology with Google Cloud's AI and machine learning capabilities, organizations can benefit from next-generation customer service solutions.

In addition, Avaya Experience Platform has received formal certification for contact center use under the Chrome Enterprise Recommended program for ChromeOS, ensuring compatibility and offering organizations a reliable solution for web-based and cloud-based work, improving agent productivity and security.

When it comes to the partnership with Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise, it aims to support customers' digital transformation efforts by delivering differentiated end-user experiences, especially in critical situations. The combination of Avaya Experience Platform and Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise Digital Age Networking provides comprehensive enterprise solutions that empower businesses of all sizes to transform their communications and succeed in the digital age.

Avaya Enterprise Cloud  

Avaya Enterprise Cloud offers a dedicated software instance hosted on Microsoft Azure, specifically designed to provide contact center and unified communications capabilities. This solution allows organizations to adopt hybrid cloud models, where certain parts of their communications infrastructure are hosted in a dedicated cloud instance while seamlessly integrating with on-premises technology. This flexibility is highly sought after by large enterprises worldwide.

As stated at Engage 2023, Avaya Enterprise Cloud provides organizations with the opportunity to optimize their communications through a dedicated cloud instance, supporting hybrid cloud deployments and enabling enhanced experiences for staff and customers across various industries, including healthcare and banking.

Partnership with Avaria  

Additionally, Avaya and Alvaria have expanded their partnership to enhance Avaya's cloud portfolio with advanced outreach capabilities. Through the integration of Alvaria Cloud solutions, including outbound interactions, regulatory compliance management, and convenient time-to-call features, Avaya customers can benefit from proactive, compliant customer outreach campaigns.

This collaboration aims to optimize customer acquisition, collections, growth, loyalty, and retention efforts while ensuring regulatory compliance and coordinating engagement activities across the organization. Overall, the partnership offers customers access to advanced outbound interaction capabilities, regulatory compliance management, and efficient time-to-call functionalities, enhancing customer engagement and trust.