Glia and Tethr Partner on Conversation Analytics

Digital customer service software vendor Glia has partnered with Tethr, an AI-powered conversation intelligence platform, to help companies gain more insights from customer conversations.

The partnership will combine Tethr's advanced conversation analytics with Glia's digital customer service platform to enable organizations to keep track of business trends. monitor key customer metrics and spot areas for improvement.

"Glia and Tethr share a common vision in making the customer experience as effortless as possible. Tethr's analytics add great value to Glia's Digital Customer Service platform, allowing financial institutions to understand customer sentiment, mitigate churn, and take actions to continuously improve the customer experience," said Steve Kaish, SVP of Alliances for Glia.

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Glia's customer service platform provides seamless digital customer experiences across various channels, including SMS, chat, voice and video.

Glia also offers its customers an option to observe and guide their online visitors through CoBrowsing. CoBrowsing allows companies to add a new dimension to inbound calls by "showing" their customers how to solve an issue while they share their screen. In addition, the "observation" mode lets agents detect customer issues before they arise and act quickly.

"Tethr and Glia working together unlocks the potential of AI technology and digital communication. Through this joint effort, Glia customers will be able to fundamentally improve customer experience," said Tethr CEO Robert Beasley.

One of the early adopters of the combined offering, a financial institution in Washington state, experienced a noticeable difference in the way it delivers digital support to customers.

"Using Tethr and Glia together makes life better for our members, and for our Contact Center teams. We can offer seamless digital experiences and measure every interaction to ensure we're providing exceptional member experiences by maintaining the level of service our members deserve," said Aaron Mickelson, Director of Digital Experience at TwinStar Credit Union.