8×8 Launches 8×8 Customer Labs Open Beta Program

Cloud communications platform provider 8x8 has launched its new 8x8 Customer Labs open beta program, which allows customers to have early access to new features and products. The program is an efficient way to get users to discuss product direction, provide feedback and talk about product usability before the official release. Through the program, customers across different roles can shape the direction of the 8x8 XCaaS (eXperience Communications as a Service) platform and test new features before they are made available to the general public.

“Understanding the needs of our customers and listening to their feedback when it comes to developing new products or enhancing existing ones is so important – their input on the products and tools they use on a day-to-day basis to run their business is invaluable. This program provides our customers with a platform to have their voices heard and provide valuable feedback that helps guide our product development and drives innovation,” said Dhwani Soni, Global VP, Product Design & User Experience at 8x8, Inc.

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Having early access allows customers to offer immediate feedback and direction to 8x8, thus boosting:

  • Innovation – 8x8 uses a product development approach that prioritizes customer and user needs and focuses on their workflows, which allows the company to improve and create new products that fulfill the evolving requirements

  • High-quality – The program is designed to ensure that high-quality products are released by working closely with customers to identify and resolve any issues.

  • Program evolution – With continuous and direct customer feedback, the program offers a scalable system focused on user-centric workflows, configurable, targeted modules, third-party integrations, and micro front-end architecture.

“Our participation in the 8x8 Frontdesk beta program was wonderful and provided incredible insights into the development process. Not only was it exciting to experience first-hand the new features and capabilities of the product, but it was also empowering to know that our feedback was valued and acted upon by 8x8,” said Amanda Thompson at Bayside Group, one of Australia’s leading recruitment and business service companies.

In addition, 8x8 has introduced a program called 8x8 Supervisor Workspace beta as part of the 8x8 Customer Labs program. This program was made specifically for current 8x8 Contact Center customers who are supervisors, enabling them to test an upcoming product and provide feedback that will be used to improve it. The goal is to give contact center leaders the necessary tools and data insights to improve customer experiences.