Yext Now Allows Businesses to Generate Review Responses with AI

Yext has introduced a new feature - AI Generated Review Response - which is integrated into Yext Reviews and allows businesses to enhance their customer experience by delivering more engaging responses to reviews. Leveraging AI technology and their own data, businesses can now automatically generate personalized and individualized review responses, which can be shared across various owned and third-party channels.

“With Yext, businesses have the platform to elevate engagement and deliver brand-building experiences. Engaging with customers allows them to take those experiences to the next level. It is a massive competitive advantage to provide one-of-a-kind review experiences at scale for every customer which is now possible with Yext Reviews,” said Marc Ferrentino, president and chief operating officer, Yext.

Reviews play a significant role in influencing customer buying decisions, and search engines use them as an essential factor in determining search result rankings. According to a recent poll conducted among Yext customers, businesses that respond to over 50% of their reviews have seen an improvement of almost half a star in their ratings compared to those that do not respond.

However, responding to reviews can be challenging and time-consuming for businesses, requiring significant resources. The introduction of AI Generated Review Response addresses this issue by providing a single system that streamlines the process. With this AI-powered solution, businesses can efficiently scale their small teams and effectively respond to customer reviews across all digital channels.

The introduction of AI Generated Review Responses helps businesses automatically create contextually relevant and brand-aligned responses by analyzing the tone and sentiment of customer posts. This is achieved through the use of Yext Content and generative models, allowing companies to generate responses that reflect their unique business data and brand voice. These responses are designed to address specific and real-world reviews, making them suitable for any digital channel, such as mobile, web, chat platforms, and social media.

With AI Generated Review Response, businesses can effortlessly generate responses that not only cater to the local region and specific store locations but also offer a personalized touch to address each customer's feedback.