8×8 Launches Omni Shield, a Game-Changer in SMS Fraud Prevention 

8x8 has introduced a new solution - 8x8 Omni Shield - which helps enterprises protect their customers from fraudulent SMS activities. The Omni Shield solution includes an API for preventing SMS fraud and is a part of 8x8's CPaaS portfolio.

"The impact of SMS fraud, and the toll it takes on both customer experiences and a brand’s reputation, can be astronomical, not to mention incredibly costly. To meet the needs of our customers, we are constantly evolving our 8x8 CPaaS portfolio as we evaluate customer pain points and develop solutions that will deliver substantial business value. Delivering a solution that is truly game changing for our customers is our goal, and we are thrilled by early adopter results for our new Omni Shield solution, including an 80% reduction in fraud traffic,” said Stephen Hamill, General Manager, CPaaS at 8x8, Inc.

According to the 2021 Fraud Loss Survey Report by the Communications Fraud Control Association, such fraudulent SMS activities, like toll or international revenue share fraud, led to global losses exceeding $6.7 billion in 2021. As a result, there is a growing need for advanced solutions, and 8x8 is actively stepping in to offer enterprises robust measures to protect their customers from such fraudulent activities.

The 8x8 Omni Shield solution comes with pre-built communication APIs and integrates seamlessly with real-time messaging on web and mobile applications. It takes proactive measures to identify and prevent fraudulent activities by employing automated fraud alerts, immediate notifications, ongoing traffic monitoring, and instant assessments of phone numbers.

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Thorough monitoring and real-time analysis 

The 8x8 Omni Shield solution offers thorough and smart monitoring capabilities that effectively reduce and block the majority of Artificial Inflation of Traffic (AIT) attacks. This can lead to a decrease in monthly messaging costs caused by unwanted AIT activity.

It provides real-time traffic analysis, continuously tracking and detecting potential fraudulent activity while sending out alerts promptly. Additionally, the solution automatically identifies and cancels messages originating from known fraudulent numbers.

Elsewhere, 8x8 has unveiled voice conversational AI within its Intelligent Customer Assistant platform, allowing businesses to develop sophisticated self-service experiences using conversational AI across digital and voice communication channels.