Rad AI Introduces Latest Breakthrough in Radiology Reporting

Radiologist-led AI company Rad AI has introduced the latest feature in its Omni Reporting platform - Omni Unchanged - a tool designed to transform radiology reporting by allowing radiologists to articulate complex follow-up exams in half the time, using a remarkable 90% fewer words. Rad AI had previously unveiled key features of Omni Reporting at its Launch Day event in September, generating considerable interest within the radiology community.  

Omni Unchanged operates by identifying stable and unchanged findings from previous reports and seamlessly integrating them into the radiologist's preferred report template. As a result, radiologists only need to dictate new or revised findings. Even for exams with multiple complex findings that remain unchanged, radiologists can dictate "Omni Unchanged."

These advancements underscore Rad AI's commitment to streamlining radiology reporting processes and helping radiologists work more efficiently and effectively at the forefront of their capabilities.

"Having been a practicing radiologist and user of speech recognition for radiology reporting for over two decades, I am excited to lead this transformative project. With Omni Reporting, we aim to help radiologists refocus on their crucial task of analyzing imaging exams and providing expert interpretation. Omni Unchanged takes Rad AI's commitment to automating repetitive tasks, reducing cognitive stress, and enhancing radiologist efficiency to a whole new level," said William Boonn MD, Chief Medical Officer of Rad AI.

Speak less, say more  

The platform aims to deliver a "Speak Less, Say More" experience for radiologists, effectively saving time and reducing cognitive load. Designed for a smooth transition from existing reporting products, Omni Reporting allows easy import of personal and system templates from current systems, supporting current microphone setups and hardware, minimizing the need for extensive training.

Engineered for speed, performance, and accuracy, Omni Reporting streamlines the report creation process for radiologists by automatically generating more content in their unique style and language. Leveraging Omni Impressions, the platform tailors impressions individually. Omni Reporting's open architecture streamlines seamless integration with imaging AI vendors and PACS companies and enables radiology practices to develop and manage real-time analytics according to their specific needs.

"The development of Omni Reporting from the ground up with modern architecture and the latest in generative AI, sets Omni Reporting as the future-proof platform for radiology. We focus on speed, ease of use, and interoperability, enabling seamless adoption into existing IT frameworks and future AI applications," added John Paulett, Director of Engineering at Rad AI.

Rad AI's unveiling of Omni Unchanged at RSNA 2023 adds another chapter to its history of pioneering innovation in radiology. Building on the success of prior solutions like Rad AI Omni Impressions, Continuity, and Nexus, Omni Unchanged is poised to set a new benchmark for radiology reporting software.

Many companies in the realm of healthcare have been introducing different AI tools to boost efficiency and create a better patient experience, such as Hyro, Weave and Oracle.