CBTS Introduces CXsync Cloud Contact Center

Communications, cloud, and infrastructure provider CBTS has launched a cloud-based contact center solution for small to midsize businesses - CXsync Cloud Contact Center.

A cloud-based contact center can enforce and increase a business’s availability to customers. CXsync provides businesses with data to improve customer experience by enabling real-time call monitoring, agent scoring, and training.

CBTS may offer an improved user experience thanks to CXsync’s pre-made API integration, implementation, and portal-based administration tools. To adapt to different business communications strategies when needed, users can build or remove functions and applications like AI chatbots.

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Additionally, the contact center solution promotes a remote business model, as staff can use the platform from any location. Also, the CBTS Managed Services delivery model may help clients with the management and optimization of the contact center solution.

“CBTS is proud to offer CXsync to our small and midsize business customers. Truly, no business is too small to see benefits from this solution. Our goal in developing the product was to synchronize and optimize effective customer experience. Consistent and reliable communication with customers paints the picture of a well-established, thriving company. Additionally, we know how challenging it can be for small and midsize businesses to compete in the digital age. CXsync is a cost-effective solution for companies looking to modernize operations,” said Tony King, Vice President and Principal, CBTS Communications Practice.

More about CBTS

Founded in 1994, CBTS is a provider of communications, cloud, infrastructure, and consulting services to small and midsize businesses. The company provides IT and solutions that may help companies improve productivity, deal with risk and enable innovation. CBTS serves clients in different industries across the US and Canada and has over 200 partnerships across the IT landscape. The company offers flexible technology solutions such as Application Modernization, Managed Hybrid Cloud, Cybersecurity, Unified Communications, and Infrastructure solutions.