New Vonage Smart Video API Capabilities Improve Video Engagement

Vonage has unveiled new AI-powered features for its Video API platform to provide users with better accessibility and automated media processing in real-time, resulting in enhanced video engagement.

The new enhancements enable businesses to integrate AI-powered features into their existing applications and improve the quality of video interactions. The AI capabilities include the Audio Connector and Media Processor.

“With the addition of these compliance and AI tools, the Vonage Video API can unlock unique value for our customers, helping them to make the kind of smarter, bespoke connections that increase trust and drive long-lasting customer loyalty. Driving more intelligent interactions with AI allows us to deliver innovative video capabilities to our customers. The Vonage Video API continues to stand out in the market as an easy, accessible and secure way to deliver enhanced customer engagements that our customers seek,” said Amitha Pulijala, VP of Product, Platform & Video for Vonage.

The Audio Connector

The feature lets businesses connect with AI service providers to process and analyze audio streams during live video sessions. Moreover, it includes speech recognition and other specialized engines that can provide automated captions, translations, Electronic Health Records (EHR), media intelligence, and other related services in real-time.

Media Processor

Media Processor allows businesses to apply machine learning algorithms to their live video streams in real-time, aiming to block or highlight specific video and audio elements such as background filters, speaker focus, and noise suppression. This move minimizes distractions, increases customer focus and engagement, and protects personal information such as location and setting. Also, this cloud-based service can be used on web and mobile browsers and mobile devices. The Media Processor feature is currently in beta and will be available to the general public starting in April 2023.

End-to-End Encryption   

Vonage's Video API provides End-to-End Encryption capabilities, which enhance participants' privacy during video communication, which is especially useful for those with complex compliance requirements.

These capabilities serve as a security measure that ensures privacy for users who connect with large numbers of participants using programmable video. Unlike other solutions that only encrypt data selectively and on a hop-by-hop basis, Vonage's encryption covers the entire media path and is scalable for multi-party applications. This means encrypted video sessions are secure from client to client and cannot be accessed by other servers.

The latest update deals with security concerns associated with multi-party applications. This feature ensures that customers, including those in healthcare, financial services, and EU deployments, can meet compliance requirements and certifications related to security and data protection. This encrypted media is compatible with the Media Processor application and can preserve real-time video filters, such as backgrounds.

Elsewhere, Vonage has recently launched Salesforce Shield for Vonage Contact Center (VCC) and Vonage for Service Cloud Voice (SCV).