CommBox Enters the US Market, Integrates with Amazon Connect

SaaS-based autonomous customer communications platform CommBox has announced its expansion into the US market by opening an office in Boston, MA. As part of the move, CommBox has integrated Amazon Connect into its AI-powered omnichannel communication platform to allow enterprise customer service centers to manage voice and text-based assistance across various digital channels, including SMS, Meta-owned messengers and Twitter.

"We are thrilled to be launching CommBox in the US at such a critical time for global businesses. With our AI-powered communications platform, now integrated with Amazon Connect, we are able to provide customers with an automated solution that combines voice and messaging capabilities into their service representative offering, significantly increasing efficiency in call centers and easing the burden on customer service teams," said Yaniv Hakim, CEO and Co-founder of CommBox.

CommBox's autonomous AI-powered customer communications platform, offers enterprise customers an all-in-one solution that improves the end-user experience while increasing the productivity of call center employees. The platform uses automation to handle basic customer inquiries, thus allowing employees to focus on more complex or urgent issues.

The integration of Amazon Connect for voice-based communication into CommBox's platform enables enterprises to manage all customer communications in a single platform, allowing companies to make and record calls and communicate on messaging channels. Additionally, the platform's auto-assignment mechanism, which prevents agent overload and redirects conversations to the most available agents, now applies to text- and voice-based communication. Such an ability will help reduce backlogs and decrease the caseload for agents.

About CommBox 

Founded in 2013, CommBox is a SaaS-based autonomous customer communications platform that helps brands transform their customer engagement approach by replacing traditional live agent intervention with advanced automated CX capabilities. With the platform's AI-driven autonomous customer communication system, CommBox enables leading global brands to offer intelligent, customized, and comprehensive experiences through digital channels. This automation technology allows companies to streamline repetitive inquiries and enable human resources to do more complex tasks, resulting in enhanced customer satisfaction, better agent efficiency, higher conversion rates, and business growth opportunities.