This Plugin Just Made Finding Your Dream Home a Whole Lot Easier

Popular real estate listing website Zillow has developed a new ChatGPT plugin for real estate to help users find and get into their next home faster.

Currently in its alpha phase, the plugin is available only to eligible users who can enable it on ChatGPT to ask about property listings based on details like location, price range, and bedroom and bathroom count and receive links directly to Zillow listings that match their preferences.

To make the most out of the plugin, users just need to use conversational language to ask about specific property listings or share the types of for-sale and rental homes they are interested in. Location, price range, and bedroom and bathroom count are also attributes that help with more accurate search results. The plugin then retrieves relevant information from Zillow's extensive database of real estate listings.

"Generative AI is changing the way people search for information. At Zillow, we've been embracing AI and machine learning starting with the Zestimate® in 2006, and later introducing personalized recommendations and natural language search – which means we're well-equipped to help customers search and find homes in this new way. As the first major residential real estate marketplace to bring advanced, AI-powered search to the home-shopping experience, we understand its immense potential, and we look forward to developing more tech innovations with OpenAI technology in the future," said David Beitel, Chief Technology Officer at Zillow Group.

The plugin is currently accessible to a select number of ChatGPT users, while broader access is anticipated in the near future.

To offer customers a seamless, connected experience, Zillow is working on a housing super app that meets all their customers' needs, from buying and selling to financing and renting. Zillow launched natural language search queries on its apps and sites back in January, whereas this ChatGPT plugin is the latest example of how the company is investing in cutting-edge technology to make it easier for customers to find their dream home. Zestimate, Zillow's free home value estimator, also uses AI to provide computer-vision-powered rich experiences with AI-generated immersive floor plans.