Fullpath and Invoca Team Up to Drive Better Insights in Automotive Marketing  

Automotive Customer Data and Experience Platform (CDXP) Fullpath has announced a collaboration with Invoca, to help marketers within dealership groups and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) by delivering comprehensive first-party data from every incoming call. This includes insights into the originating marketing source. These website interactions prompted the call, the caller's intention as a lead, specific interests in vehicles or services, and the outcome of the conversation.

Invoca's AI-enhanced call tracking and analytics, along with Fullpath's CDP data marketplace, creates a comprehensive view of every shopper's journey within the automotive sales and service landscape.

"The data integration with Invoca speaks to the critical importance of Customer Data and Experience Platforms for the automotive industry and the value of having comprehensive first-party data to drive personalization and competitive advantages amidst a rapidly shifting environment. Weathering challenges and continuing to grow requires building robust relationships with consumers, and those types of relationships, enabled by CDXP and enriched with conversation intelligence, will enable dealerships to secure businesses for years to come by generating customers for life," said Idan Mishal, COO of Fullpath.

The collaboration between Fullpath and Invoca is focused on creating a comprehensive understanding of customers within Fullpath's Customer Data Platform (CDP). Fullpath's shopper page brings various aspects of a shopper's digital interactions together, incorporating caller journey analytics and first-hand conversation data from Invoca. This integration facilitates a unified perspective of the customer and enables automotive brands to gain the ability to identify and address any gaps in the customer journey.

Additionally, it enhances the efficiency of digital marketing investments and audience segmentation for heightened engagement and provides tailored digital and caller experiences that elevate conversion rates and revenue generation.

"When digital shoppers call dealerships for sales or service, those conversations are not only make-or-break moments in the customer journey, they are one of the richest sources of actionable first-party data for dealership groups and OEMs. We are excited to blend the actionable digital attribution and AI-driven conversation analytics data captured by Invoca with the Fullpath CDXP to enable automotive brands to deliver seamless omnichannel experiences, optimize digital marketing ROI, and increase customer lifetime value," said Cathie Frazzini, vice president of strategic sales and partnerships of Invoca.

The main benefits of the collaboration include enhanced customer insights through a more profound understanding of the complete customer journey, as well as improved marketing effectiveness and data-informed decisions.