ibex to Implement Krisp for Noise-Free Customer Interactions

BPO and customer engagement technology solutions provider ibex has partnered with Krisp to enhance the quality of experiences its agents deliver by using Krisp's advanced AI-based noise cancellation software.

Combining ibex's Wave X platform with Krisp's AI software aims to minimize unwanted background noise, resulting in higher customer satisfaction, lower average handling time, and increased agent retention.

“AI technology is changing the CX industry and empowering a better agent and customer experience. We are excited to partner with Krisp to bring even greater value and service to our clients. At ibex, we firmly believe that combining the best technology with an award-winning employee experience and agent-first culture enables us to deliver the best CX for our clients at every customer interaction,” said Jim Ferrato, Chief Information Officer, ibex.

ibex has tested Krisp on a few accounts, and the results were impressive. For instance, using Krisp led to a 16% increase in sales conversions and a 10% reduction in average handling time. In addition, deploying Krisp as a regional healthcare provider helped IBEX's agents improve customer satisfaction by 25 percent.

Krisp is a Voice Productivity AI software that improves voice communication quality by eliminating background noise, voice, and echo from calls. Krisp has eliminated over 75 billion minutes of noise every month, increasing productivity and efficiency for hundreds of thousands of CX professionals and agents worldwide.

Moreover, the solution offered by Krisp can work across different audio hardware configurations and applications that support digital voice communication.

“We are delighted to partner with ibex and deploy Krisp as part of their Wave X platform. Krisp is a game-changer for agents and customers. It delivers exceptional audio clarity, reducing noise distractions and enabling better customer service. With Krisp, ibex will again raise the bar on creating amazing customer experiences for the world’s top brands,” said Davit Baghdasaryan, Co-founder and CEO, Krisp.