SOCi Intros The Next Era of Social Media Interaction 

SOCi has unveiled a new AI-powered tool - Genius Social | Engagements - designed to efficiently create personalized, on-brand responses for various engagement types across different social networks. It's an extension of SOCi Social, a comprehensive solution catering to the social media requirements of multi-location enterprises at the national and local levels.

"Genius Social | Engagements provides more efficient, cost-effective workflows that have been missing in the social media management space, and empowers marketers to reclaim valuable time for more strategic tasks. This technology exceeds evolving consumer interaction standards, promoting brand loyalty, nurturing customer relationships, and bolstering online presence," said Falk Gottlob, Chief Product Officer, SOCi.

Genius Social | Engagements builds upon the core Social product using AI to generate consistent, personalized interactions that connect with local audiences, and safeguard a brand's image at the individual location level.


While AI expedites response times and ensures brand consistency, the ability to edit AI-generated responses maintains authenticity in every interaction, harmonizing technological precision with a personal touch.

Additionally, inconsistencies in brand voice can confuse consumers and cause them to lose their trust. Establishing one brand's identity and messaging in a centralized location guarantees uniformity across all locations, regardless of the engagement type, social platform, or respondent.

A single misplaced word or inappropriate response can spiral into a PR crisis. This can be avoided by protecting responses, preserving the local business's reputation, and preventing the ripple effect of inaccurate or unsuitable replies.

As consumer interactions increasingly demand quick, personalized responses, SOCi Genius Social | Engagements nurtures stronger brand loyalty, cultivates customer relationships, and holds a strong online presence.

Following the rollout of SOCi Genius Reviews and Surveys, the debut of the latest technology underscores SOCi's dedication to delivering an advanced CoMarketing Cloud solution tailored to the needs of multi-location enterprises, spanning search, social, and reputation platforms. Existing SOCi Social users can sign up for the Genius Social | Engagements Beta Waitlist to potentially access it early in anticipation of the forthcoming full release of Genius Social later this year.