Inbenta Acquires Horizn, Broadening Its Customer Service Toolkit

Inbenta has acquired Horizn, a company specializing in interactive product demonstrations, which will broaden Inbenta's suite of customer experience tools. The new addition helps companies quickly create, modify, and implement user-friendly, step-by-step tutorials, enhancing self-service options for customers and minimizing the need for involving customer service agents in escalation situations.

The acquisition of Horizn aligns with the growing trend among businesses to leverage visually captivating content within their customer service environments, including help centers, in order to enhance both customer experience and employee training. Notably, in the majority of cases, Horizn's solutions have demonstrated an 80% reduction in agent escalations, favoring increased self-service usage. Additionally, Horizn has successfully built a substantial clientele, including prominent financial institutions in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

"Everyone knows how helpful and time-saving a tutorial can be when presented in an easy to understand, visual format. At Inbenta, customer experience is at the center of everything we do – it was only natural that product demo capabilities should be included within our customer experience platform. The acquisition of Horizn marks yet another milestone in Inbenta's journey to help companies more effectively drive down customer service costs, boost sales, and improve customer experience overall," said Melissa Solis, CEO at Inbenta.

The integration of interactive product demos into Inbenta's offerings will provide its customers with a comprehensive array of tools to enhance customer experiences. This complements their existing services like chatbot, search, messenger, and knowledge management. The move underscores Inbenta's commitment to a platform-oriented strategy, which strives to unify AI and digital customer experience tools. This approach addresses any missing elements in customer interactions and provides companies with strategic automation that monitors customer experiences across the entire customer journey.

"By acquiring Horizn, Inbenta has expanded the number of customer experience touchpoints that it can offer, setting itself apart from the industry's text-reliant majority. The entire Horizn team is excited about this next stage of impact and innovation and looks forward to integrating itself into Inbenta's leading customer experience platform," said Janice Diner, CEO and co-founder at Horizn.

This acquisition follows Inbenta's recent announcement of securing $40 million in funding in January 2023, led by Tritium Partners. These financial resources are being directed towards accelerating product innovation, as seen by their wide-ranging integration of Generative AI.