Inbenta Now Allows Companies to Integrate a Generative AI Solution of Their Choice

Conversational AI platform Inbenta has launched a generative AI integration that allows companies to develop and manage their content in real-time while also facilitating oversight and ensuring compliance measures.

The integration allows companies to seamlessly implement Open AI, Google, or other leading generative AI platforms into their customer experience workflows and control how these platforms are used.

"Inbenta's integration gives companies the option to harness the power of generative AI in a scalable and responsible way, providing the control, infrastructure and oversight needed in an enterprise setting. Today's news represents a massive leap forward for Inbenta's AI platform approach. By adding generative AI, Inbenta is helping companies deploy content faster to improve customer experience, resolve customer service issues, providing a novel way to boost sales and increase revenue. Most competitors in the industry can't bring the force of value or choice that Inbenta now offers," said Melissa Solis, CEO at Inbenta.

By leveraging generative AI through Inbenta, companies can streamline content development, and develop customer service responses, chatbot scripts, and helpful content pieces more quickly.

Inbenta's customer experience platform also lets companies deploy and track AI-generated content and responses across tools like chatbot, search, messenger, and knowledge management. In addition, they can control the review and delivery of said content, ensuring that it is created in a safe and responsible manner.

Finally, the integration gives companies the option to combine the power of Large Language Models (LLMs) with Inbenta's Conversational AI technology, supported by Natural Language Processing (NLP), Neuro-Symbolic AI, and a cross-industry, 35 language Lexicon.

"Every company has different policies and comfort levels with the use of generative AI, which is why Inbenta took a thoughtful, compliance-focused approach and applied flexibility and control to the integration. There's genuine concern in the market targeted at generative AI on the topics of privacy, security, intellectual property and accuracy. The integration of generative AI into Inbenta's platform was thoughtfully done to help customers mitigate those risks, and address the market's concerns, by offering a layered approach that includes customer oversight" said Adam Rivera, Chief Legal Officer at Inbenta.

At the beginning of this year, Inbenta closed a $40M funding round with plans to invest the funds into future product innovation and expansion into new markets.