Infinite Reality Launches AI Features for Immersive Event, Entertainment, and Retail Experiences

Virtual experiences provider Infinite Reality (iR) has announced new AI-powered features that will allow users to interact with a virtual salesperson who can quickly learn about a brand's products and services and the consumers' preferences, enabling real-time engagement and personalized experience for users.

Infinite Reality is collaborating with global brands such as Warner Bros. and Discovery Sports to create immersive experiences and ways for monetization through Web3-enabled events. The company is introducing a method for fans to interact with their favorite athletes, retail stores, and brands, thus transforming viewers into active participants.

“We’re excited to offer these capabilities not only within our core product suite, but also as a framework for independent developers who want to bring an experience to life for their customers. As we gear up for South by Southwest (SXSW), we are hearing over and over again that brands and creators want to develop their own custom experiences for more direct control and delivery. The key is to help them leverage better customer insights for personalized recommendations that can excite and motivate fans, driving more views and transactions and building more authentic relationships,” said  Elliott Jobe, Chief Innovation Officer, Infinite Reality.

In November 2022, Infinite Reality introduced a series of immersive digital technology products that transform how individuals interact with live events and online shopping. The innovative INFINITE SKYBOX, INFINITE SHOWROOM and INFINITE MAINSTREET are virtual environments that are simple to install and will change how creators and brands engage with their audiences.


  • INFINITE SKYBOX is a media distribution platform that aims to provide audiences with an unmatched fan experience. It represents the latest advancement in sports arenas and concert stadiums by integrating streaming content, e-commerce, and social features to enhance the viewing experience and turn it into a virtual watch party.

  • INFINITE SKYBOX provides media companies with a direct means to engage with their audience, attracting new viewers, enhancing involvement, and creating new sources of income - thus transforming viewers into active participants. Through the platform, companies can obtain rich data and analytics by having direct access to their customers. The platform is fully customizable, allowing easy management of re-skinning and branding, and features multiple streaming screens, live video/audio chat, an NFT gallery, an e-commerce/merchandise store, and socialization areas.

In the INFINITE SKYBOX media platform, the AI software serves as a "content ambassador," helping present options likely to interest the audience across different categories, including concerts, sports events, film premieres, award shows, and other fan-oriented events.

The AI function allows Infinite Reality to answer all questions regarding events, players, statistics, competitors, and future experiences.

Additionally, Infinite Reality is incorporating AI assistance into e-commerce with a set of new features that provide customers with a personalized and high-end shopping experience. The integration of an AI avatar salesperson, which is much like an in-person sales assistant, is set to bring the traditional art of sales assistance to online shopping.

In the near future, Infinite Reality will be introducing two additional products that incorporate AI assistance into e-commerce:


INFINITE SHOWROOM leverages the capabilities of Web3 to enhance the direct-to-consumer shopping experience by addressing e-commerce challenges such as high cart abandonment and product returns. The platform offers interactive virtual storefronts with a realistic feel, enabling brands to provide personalized shopping experiences to their customers. Also, the platform includes interactive product showrooms and galleries and allows for real-time closing of deals through video, audio, and/or text chat. Through INFINITE SHOWROOM, brands can obtain valuable customer data, leading to stronger connections with customers, increased brand loyalty, and greater lifetime customer value.


INFINITE MAINSTREET offers brands a virtual entertainment and shopping district that enables them to generate revenue by leveraging the adjacency of other brands, influencers, and celebrities. The platform provides customers and fans various engaging and interactive ways to connect with their favorite brands, teams, artists, and celebrities in a commerce-focused environment.