Intuit Introduces Intuit Assist: Your Personalized Financial AI Assistant 

Financial technology platform Intuit has unveiled Intuit Assist, a generative AI-driven assistant designed to offer personalized, intelligent recommendations. It aims to assist individual consumers and small businesses make informed financial decisions with minimal effort.

Intuit Assist harnesses extensive contextual data from various domains, including small business, consumer finance, and tax. The solution operates intuitively, offering guidance, assistance, and handling complex user tasks. Moreover, it facilitates connections to human experts through the Live Platform whenever customers require personalized assistance.

“With the introduction of Intuit Assist, we’re taking a giant step forward in powering prosperity for all. We’re creating a future where we do the hard work for small businesses and consumers to fuel their financial success, helping them achieve their dreams. Leveraging our vast amounts of rich data and years of investment in AI and GenAI, we’re unlocking the power of our platform to reimagine AI-assisted customer experiences,” said Sasan Goodarzi, chief executive officer of Intuit.

Intuit Assist is integrated across Intuit's range of products, harnessing their capabilities to introduce innovative ways of enhancing customers' financial well-being. It enables individual consumers and small business owners to make informed financial choices more confidently, benefiting entrepreneurs and small businesses that may lack the resources available to larger enterprises.

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Improving customers' financial lives  

Consumers will receive tailored recommendations and actionable steps to optimize their tax refunds and expedite the tax filing process using TurboTax. Additionally, they will gain access to resources enabling them to make informed financial decisions throughout their financial journey through Credit Karma.

Intuit Assist for TurboTax is backed by Intuit's extensive experience in tax-related matters, leveraging its wealth of data and its proprietary AI-driven Tax Knowledge Engine. This assistant will assist tax filers regardless of their income level or the complexity of their tax situation, guiding them through each phase of the tax process.

Intuit Assist is already accessible to customers, and further improvements will be introduced over the next few months in preparation for the 2023 tax season.

Intuit Assist for Credit Karma - Credit Karma members will have access to personalized financial guidance through Intuit Assist. Members seeking advice on managing their finances on Credit Karma won't receive a generic response. Instead, Intuit Assist will analyze their financial data and offer tailored assistance. Its strength is recognizing opportune moments and providing relevant recommendations, enabling members to make informed financial decisions and discover better financial products.

Intuit Assist is available to select US members and will be rolled out more widely in the coming months.

The benefits for small businesses  

Small businesses can harness the combined power of QuickBooks and Mailchimp to manage their entire operations and connect with their customers using effective marketing tools, easily accessible with a simple click.

Intuit Assist for QuickBooks provides small businesses with invaluable guidance to help them adapt, respond, and make informed decisions. It offers AI-powered insights tailored to a business's performance and customer behavior.

For small and mid-sized businesses new to QuickBooks, Intuit Assist streamlines the onboarding process by automatically importing data from their website into QuickBooks, creating a personalized business profile. QuickBooks Live collaborates with human bookkeeping and tax experts, enhancing their efficiency.

Intuit Assist is available to select beta customers and will be accessible to all U.S. QuickBooks customers in the coming months.

Intuit Assist for Mailchimp is a powerful tool for small businesses, entrepreneurs, and marketers, offering personalized marketing at scale and data-driven decision-making for campaign optimization. It can create entire marketing campaigns based on brand identity and objectives, targeting specific audiences. Users can easily adjust campaign elements like tone, text, and images, or even generate new content based on its guidance and rich data sets.