Intermedia Strengthens its Contact Center Solution with an Extra Layer of Data Security

Intermedia Cloud Communications has introduced AI Transcription Redaction, the newest data privacy and security tool that can automatically identify and redact sensitive customer data from Intermedia Contact Center voice transcriptions.

The AI Transcription Redaction is the latest addition to Intermedia AI Interaction Insights, the company's suite of features developed for its contact center solution. This suite utilizes AI for transcribing and summarizing customer calls, as well as flagging interactions for review according to keywords, thus providing sentiment analysis for each call.

"Data security and customer privacy are paramount concerns for businesses today, especially in the context of contact center and customer service operations. By automatically redacting sensitive data during the call transcription process, businesses can quickly and efficiently safeguard their customers' information while remaining compliant with industry regulations. Intermedia SPARK AI technology is transforming how businesses work, and AI Transcription Redaction is just the latest example of how this technology when carefully and thoughtfully applied, can deliver real and meaningful value," said Irina Shamkova, EVP of Product Management at Intermedia.

Leveraging AI Transcription Redaction enables businesses to protect valuable information more efficiently while also providing them with an additional layer of critical protection and security. The tool can instantly remove different types of sensitive data from Intermedia Contact Center call transcriptions, which include personal information such as passwords and social security numbers.

In addition, it removes bank account and credit card information, as well as health information such as medical details and patient IDs. The flexible design of the solution allows administrators to turn it on and off at any time, although it is enabled by default on transcription-enables queues. Moreover, immediate protection is ensured as even the archived transcriptions are reduced.

AI Transcription Redaction is powered by Intermedia SPARK AI technology, along with other solutions such as AI Call Transcription, AI Sentiment Analysis, AI Interaction Summary (Beta), AI Evaluator, and AI Meeting Notes & Action Items. By leveraging Generative AI, LLMs, and Natural Language Processing, Intermedia SPARK AI assists large and small businesses with improving employee collaboration, as well as productivity and customer care.

AI Transcription Redaction is available to current Intermedia Contact Center customers.

In other news, Intermedia has added Unite Archiving to its Email Archiving solution to enable customers to preserve and support data across business communications channels, such as chat, SMS, phone calls, and voicemails.