Merkle Unveils New Identity Resolution Product

Data-driven customer experience management company Merkle has introduced a new identity resolution platform for CPGs and retail brands -Merkury for Commerce. The platform is a part of Merkle's suite of commerce capabilities that are supported by data and identity, driven by technology, and enhanced by exceptional design, resulting in personal and continuous shopping experiences for customers.

With the new release, Merkle has made it easier for users to match customer information with the Merkury ID. The Merkury ID represents the US-marketed population and includes numerous linked personal consumer data attributes. This results in comprehensive consumer profiles that give insight into shopping habits and data increase the potential audience, and reveal targeting possibilities across more than 35 retailers and their related retail advertising networks.

According to Chelsea Monaco, VP of E-retail & Commerce Media at Merkle, the way people shop is changing, and brands must adapt their marketing strategies. Retail media is becoming a common part of marketing budgets, offering valuable shopper data. However, the funding for retail media can come from different sources, making it challenging for brands to consider the shopper's experience when making marketing decisions.

"Merkury for Commerce helps overcome siloed planning by taking a shopper-first approach, using Merkle's person-based ID and consumer data to make smart and meaningful audience creation and spending decisions across the shopper journey. This enables person-based media planning across e-retail and owned properties, which can translate to activation on retail media networks and media partners," said Monaco.

The Merkury for Commerce platform is powered by Merkle's proprietary identity platform, Merkury, which increases the brand's data with individual-level insights into audiences and shoppers. This allows brands to break down barriers and gain more control in their relationships with retailers, enabling them to comprehend the identity of their shoppers and the most effective way to interact with them.

"Merkle's heritage is in person-based identity and data; it underpins everything we do. We understand the importance of using first-party data and how it enables brands to understand shopping behavior for personalized experiences and conversations with their customers, whether that's on their own domain or on retailers' properties," said Steve Pomeroy, VP, CPG & Retail Analytics, Merkle.

About Merkle 

Founded in 1971, Merkle is a data-driven customer experience management company specializing in delivering personalized customer experiences across multiple channels and devices. The company's background in data, technology, and analytics helps understand consumer insights and develop hyper-personalized marketing strategies.