New TrueDialog Integration Lets Users Send Messages from HubSpot

Enterprise-level SMS texting solutions company TrueDialog has announced a new integration with the HubSpot CRM platform, enabling TrueDialog's users to send messages directly from HubSpot. This integration will significantly enhance the marketing and communication capabilities of TrueDialog's platform.

The new native integration between TrueDialog and HubSpot CRM provides a convenient solution for users by eliminating the need to switch between different websites or windows, thus saving time, reducing the possibility of errors, enhancing data security, and promoting teamwork—this move allowsTrueDialog users to offer their customers a more efficient and positive experience.

“Enabling businesses to interact with contacts natively is key to creating a continuity of customer interactions. The problem is that if a solution doesn’t provide a native integration where emails, phone calls, and texting are all recorded in chronological order, you lose vital parts to that conversation history. With our native SMS integration with HubSpot, not only do we enable businesses to keep that continuity, but we also save users time by automatically recording each SMS activity – essentially catapulting their SMS capabilities with enterprise-grade features,” said John Wright, CEO of TrueDialog.

Through the new native integration with HubSpot CRM, TrueDialog users can send personalized messages from a contact record in HubSpot and bulk SMS through HubSpot Workflows. The integration also provides a team-based, multi-user 2-way texting capability through TrueDialog's proprietary feature, which enables users to conduct mass SMS marketing campaigns.

In order to enhance tracking and efficiency, the HubSpot CRM saves information about bulk messaging and two-way messaging interactions. Users can see a detailed record of all SMS messages sent and received through the Notes section of a Contact's Activities interface. In addition, the system also tracks opt-in and opt-out preferences, so if a recipient opts out of a campaign, users can be confident that they won't accidentally send them further messages.

Meanwhile, HubSpot has recently unveiled two new AI-powered tools: content assistant and, to assist its customers with making stronger connections with their audiences while saving time.