UserTesting to Help Retail Banks with Real Human Insight

UserTesting has released the newest test templates for its Human Insight Platform to help retail banks create more user-friendly features and enhanced experiences while improving customer interactions across all channels and devices.

These templates allow retail banking teams to gather insights at all stages of the customer journey, providing a comprehensive understanding of customer needs, expectations, and reactions to the bank's communications, products, and services. The templates can be used by leaders and practitioners in design, marketing, product, and customer experience departments in retail banking.

“Consumers today have a broad array of choices when it comes to who they conduct their banking and other financial transactions with. Ensuring that retail banks are delivering the experiences that will keep customers engaged and happy is the reason for these new templates. Access to human insight guides retail banks in creating banking experiences that meet the needs of their customers and ensure they continuously improve to keep customers happy and loyal,” said Janelle Estes, Chief Insights Officer of UserTesting.

A recent report by Accenture highlights the importance of understanding underserved markets in order to design new credit products that reduce, transfer or share risk and improve the customer experience. UserTesting's templates allow retail banks to collect real-time customer feedback to drive innovation, ideation, prioritization, and refinement of their experiences. These templates also enable banks to test new concepts and communications early in the planning process and reduce risks by collecting reactions and recommendations from customers.

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With many banking options available, retail banks risk losing customers if they do not provide experiences that meet customers' preferences, both in-person or digitally. To combat this, UserTesting's template bundle helps retail banks create experiences that customers want and need, regardless of the channel they use. This leads to increased adoption of new features and increased satisfaction and loyalty.

Companies can use UserTesting's pre-built questions as they are customized to meet specific needs. Feedback can be collected by either using UserTesting's network of contributors or by getting feedback directly from the organization's own network of customers, partners, and employees.

The new templates are added to over 100 pre-built templates on the UserTesting Human Insights Platform and aim to help retail banks create and deliver accessible and compelling banking experiences.

Meanwhile, UserTesting has recently announced that it has joined the Export Partner Hub by Google as a Customer Experience (CX) partner.