New UserTesting AI-Powered Tools Help Surface Key Customer Insights 

UserTesting has introduced UserTesting AI, a suite of AI-powered tools aimed at helping users uncover valuable customer insights and quickly act on opportunities for enhancing product and experience development. The company has also launched its latest feature, "AI Insight Summary," which utilizes GPT, an AI model proficient in understanding and generating human language. This feature allows for synthesizing spoken and behavioral data from numerous video sessions with just a simple click.

The summaries produced by this new feature are supported by evidence, meaning that each insight is linked back to the original video and data source, enabling customers to verify the accuracy and reliability of the insights.

“At UserTesting, our pursuit of AI innovation over the past five years has been fueled by a singular vision: to make technology more intuitive, accessible, and enjoyable to use. The advancements we've achieved are not mere incremental steps, but leaps that are redefining the way we interact with the digital world. Our commitment to research, collaboration, and ethical implementation has not only shaped our products, but has forged a path for the entire UX and Research industry to follow. Together, we're not just predicting the future; we're actively building it,” said Michelle Engle, Chief Product Officer at UserTesting.

UserTesting AI introduces an approach to understanding and improving user experiences for businesses by leveraging AI to uncover fresh insights that might have previously gone unnoticed. It achieves this by intelligently analyzing various data types, including video, audio, written content, and user behaviors, to identify emerging trends and recurring patterns. This approach provides customers with detailed and context-rich feedback that ensures their digital offerings connect with users instinctually.

This solution not only accelerates the time it takes to obtain crucial insights but also pinpoints areas that need improvement and identifies any obstacles in user workflows, such as checkout.

UserTesting AI provides a range of AI-driven tools that support different phases of the research process, enabling a broader range of organizations to expand their research efforts. Through a unique data architecture and proprietary models, UserTesting allows UX, CX, Product, Engineering, and Marketing teams to engage with their desired audiences more swiftly. This helps in scaling research initiatives and conducting frequent tests to discover valuable insights that can enhance the development of products and experiences.

It includes analyzing sentiment and intent, mapping interactive user pathways, detecting obstacles or friction points, and introducing a novel GPT-powered feature known as AI Insights Summary.

Elsewhere, UserTesting has introduced its certified partner program to equip digital agencies with comprehensive training, valuable resources, and cutting-edge technology to bolster their UX research and design capabilities.