PolyAI Voice Assistants Now Available on Genesys AppFoundry   

PolyAI has made its Customer-Led Voice Assistant accessible through the Genesys AppFoundry, the marketplace featuring a carefully chosen array of applications and integrations designed to enhance customer and employee experiences.

PolyAI streamlines the process for Genesys clients to deploy voice assistants that leverage cutting-edge Generative AI and Large Language Model technologies. These customer-driven voice assistants leverage advanced spoken language technology to enhance phone-based interactions by ensuring better accuracy and improved call routing, regardless of variables like accents, languages, and background noise. This helps businesses accelerate their digital transformation efforts.  

"We're excited to be bringing PolyAI to The AppFoundry, unlocking access for Genesys clients to our customer-led voice assistants which are engineered and deployed in as little as 6 weeks. Contact center teams need to harness advancements in several technologies, now including Generative AI, to deliver compelling conversational experiences in customer support. We're looking forward to helping more Genesys clients access our expertise in speech recognition, natural language understanding, linguistics and spoken language technologies to create custom branded experiences over the phone," said Michael Chen, Head of Partnerships at PolyAI.

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PolyAI's Customer-Led Voice Assistant can now be integrated with Genesys Cloud CX, an all-encompassing solution designed to facilitate seamless and interconnected experiences. Genesys Cloud CX, a contemporary platform focused on APIs, helps organizations manage all their interactions and touchpoints effectively. It offers a comprehensive set of omnichannel tools, incorporates employee experience capabilities, provides pre-built AI solutions, and supports end-to-end journey optimization, ensuring streamlined and hassle-free interactions across the board.

Apart from PolyAI, other companies whose solutions are available on Genesys AppFoundry are Yellow.ai and Calabrio ONE.

Speaking of conversational assistants, PolyAI and Twilio have teamed up to integrate PolyAI's conversational assistant with Twilio's Flex and Programmable Voice, Twilio's contact center platform.