’s Conversational AI Now Available on Genesys AppFoundry has revealed that its generative AI-powered Voicebots and Chatbots can now be accessed through the Genesys AppFoundry, a platform serving as a marketplace for a wide range of solutions.

"We're excited to help Genesys' customers deliver enhanced end-to-end experiences with our generative AI-powered conversational AI solutions. Providing an exceptional customer and employee experience is crucial for businesses to stay competitive and achieve significant business outcomes. Our AI engine and cost-efficient solutions empower businesses to do so. With DAP, we provide AI-powered support to human agents and enable marketers to not only communicate with customers but also accomplish goal-oriented outcomes and boost conversion rates," said Raghu Ravinutala, CEO & Co-founder,

The inclusion of's offerings on AppFoundry helps Genesys customers implement a wide range of Conversational AI solutions across its Conversational Service Cloud, Conversational Commerce Cloud, and Conversational EX Cloud product suites. By leveraging's Dynamic Automation Platform (DAP), which harnesses the power of generative AI and a multi-LLM architecture, businesses can automate customer and employee experiences. This solution facilitates streamlined interactions through Dynamic AI agents, encompassing both voice and chat channels, and resulting in cost reductions of up to 60%.

Utilizing's solution for goal-based conversations and dynamic workflows 

By transitioning from content-based automation to goal-based conversations driven by generative AI, enterprises can achieve 90% self-service automation within just 30 days. This transformative approach enables businesses to deliver customer solutions and successfully accomplish desired objectives.

In addition, enterprises can leverage generative AI to create and adapt workflows dynamically, catering to evolving customer conversations. This flexibility enables them to achieve up to a 40% increase in lead generation and up to a 50% increase in user engagement. By breaking free from rigid, fixed workflows, businesses can better respond to customer needs and enhance overall performance. offers a zero setup approach, allowing enterprises to have a fully functional bot up and running within minutes of uploading relevant documents. Companies can connect the bot to their preferred communication channels, go live quickly, and instantly generate Campaign Workflows based on goals, context, and user segments. As a result, they can achieve up to a 50% reduction in time to market and enhance operational efficiency by up to 50%.'s Conversational AI solutions are now accessible through Genesys Cloud CX, a comprehensive solution that facilitates seamless and integrated customer and employee experiences. This collaboration allows businesses to streamline and optimize their customer and employee interactions effectively.