Qualtrics X4: Full Suite of Frontline Innovations and Five9 Partnership

At the X4 2023, Qualtrics unveiled as many as 18 purpose-built innovations for frontline teams on its XM platform under the name Frontline XM. These innovations will empower contact center agents, digital teams, and managers in organizations to better manage and improve the customer and employee experience. The company also announced a new Five9 partnership.

“Billions of dollars in revenue are lost every day due to poor digital experiences. Qualtrics’s new frontline digital solutions help leaders understand the ‘why’ behind digital behavior, and help companies know with certainty what to do next to accelerate customer acquisition and remove friction that’s resulting in lost customers and lost revenue,” said  Brad Anderson, President of Product and Engineering, Qualtrics.

Customers' experiences when interacting with a company's frontline employees and teams, whether online or in-person, have a significant impact on the overall customer experience and the organization's financial success. However, the challenge is that these frontline touchpoints are spread out across multiple channels, making it difficult to manage effectively.

Some of the Frontline XM solutions include the following:

Qualtrics Customer Journey Optimizer 

Qualtrics Customer Journey Optimizer, integrated into Qualtrics Experience iD, helps companies identify critical moments and potential hurdles in the customer journey that may prevent a purchase or goal completion. The solution can determine the financial impact of any issue and proactively guide the customer toward resolution.

Qualtrics Digital Experience Analytics 

Qualtrics Digital Experience Analytics captures and replays a visual representation of customers' behavior during their website visit, identifying key frustration signals such as error clicks, rage clicks, and mouse thrashes, and uses AI to determine the most relevant session replays. With privacy controls in place, organizations can personalize and enhance their customers' digital experiences while remaining compliant with data privacy regulations.

Qualtrics’ Research Hub 

Qualtrics Research Hub is a centralized platform that integrates various types of research, such as market data, customer feedback, and brand studies, into one searchable system. The system allows team members to easily access the most impactful insights, customer feedback, and market data from around the organization to innovate and improve customer acquisition. By extending the life of previous research investments, Research Hub can save time and money.

For example, by analyzing historical data, the Market Landscape Assessment feature enables banks to predict if their customers are likely to switch banks in the next six months. The feature also provides key drivers for switching, which can be high-interest rates in the cases of banks.

With this information,  banks can focus on initiatives that target those customers and drive more customer satisfaction and engagement.

Real-time Brand Intelligence 

Qualtrics's Real-time Brand Intelligence leverages AI to analyze large amounts of data from various sources, such as social media, web traffic, and reviews. This allows marketers to get an understanding of how well their campaigns are performing and how they can increase customer acquisition while reducing spending. The tool provides predictive insights and recommendations based on real-time data and does not require asking customers questions.

As 80% of consumers have switched brands as a result of a negative experience, usually after just one bad experience, Qualtrics has offered solutions that capture, analyze, and automate actions based on first-party digital behavioral data and all forms of customer feedback on a single platform. Organizations can leverage information from call center transcripts, social media posts, product reviews, and survey responses to understand critical moments on all their channels better and trigger automated actions to enhance the customer journey.

Five9 partnership

Qualtrics has also announced that Five9 will integrate the Qualtrics XM platform with Five9 Event Subscription Services to enable customer service teams to learn how customers feel about a service experience.

In addition, the integration will uncover agent coaching opportunities and quality assurance issues.

As Five9 is already integrated and Qualtrics XM Discover, Qualtrics CustomerXM customers using the Five9 platform can now automatically deploy dynamic post-interaction surveys tailored to customer channel preferences to drive higher response rates.

Once a negative interaction occurs, service agents immediately get a notification. They can follow up directly through voice, chat, or email using Qualtrics Ticketing, reducing response times, and increasing customer loyalty and satisfaction.

The company's flagship event welcomed many Experience Management leaders as they discussed the future of XM. It also assembled a star-studded keynote speaker lineup, including names like  Ryan Reynolds, Martha Stewart, and Malala Yousafzai.

Meanwhile, the company has recently conducted a study on how retail employees have difficulties working efficiently with technology, especially since the pandemic-induced changes have made digital services more crucial than ever before.