Salesforce Announces First Price Hike in 7 Years

Salesforce has disclosed its first list price hike in seven years for a certain set of tools. The price adjustments, which will result in an average increase of 9%, are scheduled to be implemented in August.

The decision comes amidst a challenging year for the company, marked by layoffs and economic instability. These changes will impact various products, spanning Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Industries, and Tableau.

"New list pricing will go into effect globally for new customers and existing customers purchasing new clouds in August 2023. The new list prices will be Professional Edition $80 USD (up $5), Enterprise Edition $165 USD (up $15) and Unlimited Edition $330 USD (up $30)", revealed Salesforce in a new statement.

Salesforce highlighted that it had been seven years since it raised prices, underscoring the continuous value it's been providing during that time. The company boasted about its track record, having delivered 22 new releases and thousands of new features, including cutting-edge generative AI innovations. This commitment to research and development amounted to an investment of over $20 billion.

Just in the last few months, Salesforce has unveiled two new AI-powered tools tailored for marketers: Marketing GPT, which utilizes generative AI to create personalized campaigns, and Commerce GPT, designed to help brands offer highly customized shopping experiences. In addition, the company also introduced AI Cloud, Einstein GPT, and more.

Throughout 2023, the company has faced economic challenges that were compounded by previous decisions made during the COVID-19 pandemic. Earlier this year, CEO Marc Benioff admitted that the company had over-hired during the pandemic, resulting in an excessive workforce. To address this issue, Salesforce implemented a significant workforce reduction of approximately 10%, which translated to around 8,000 employees being laid off in January.