Ada Unveils Generative Actions, “Chatbots with a Human Touch”

Ada has announced Ada Generative Actions, a new product that harnesses innovative generative AI technology to handle intricate customer queries, including those that previously needed human agents to navigate multiple business systems.

Generative Actions by Ada helps businesses swiftly establish connections with external services using simple language, eliminating the need for coding. This enables the generation of secure and dependable automated responses to customer questions, drawing from various information sources.

"We found that more than half of Ada's automated customer service conversations, especially in fintech, media and travel, required at least one personalized action to resolve an issue for the customer. The generative AI technology underpinning Ada's new Generative Actions will allow companies to finally escape the limitations of scripted chatbots and actually resolve unique customer issues with real action," said Mike Murchison, CEO and Co-founder, Ada.

In June 2023, 59% of Ada's automated customer service interactions (which equates to 9.8 million conversations) needed personalized actions to address specific requests. These action-oriented requests differed from general questions, encompassing tasks such as rebooking a flight or checking the status of an order, as opposed to standard inquiries like store hours, company policies, or common FAQs.

In a sample conversation, the customer inquires about their potential delay for a flight, to which the chatbot responds by informing them of a delay and offers to book a later flight. This differs from the typical approach of many chatbots, which usually provide customers with articles or guidance on re-booking a flight rather than proactively seeking and implementing practical solutions to resolve the immediate problem.

In December last year, Ada started leveraging technology from OpenAI, allowing developers to build solutions that can automatically resolve more complex interactions.

Ada's Generative Actions technology further helps with complex interactions, extracting information from reliable business systems like CRM or order management systems, enabling tailored responses and proactive customer assistance. In fact, with Generative Actions, Ada envisions chatbots surpassing human agents in terms of both speed and accuracy. Ada's Generative Actions enables bot managers to effortlessly create new integrations in under five minutes, specifying in plain language what data to access and when the bot should employ it.