Sprinklr Announces a Host of AI-Driven Solutions to Enhance Customer Experience Management

At the CXUnifiers 2024 event, Sprinklr unveiled advanced solutions to revolutionize customer experience management through integrated AI technologies. This announcement aims to allow businesses to harness AI's potential across various facets of customer interaction and feedback management.

Sprinklr Digital Twin 

Sprinklr introduced the Sprinklr Digital Twin, a new component of the Unified-CXM platform that will amplify the digital capabilities of customer-facing teams through generative AI. This innovative technology enables businesses to create autonomous and intelligent applications that can simulate and enhance human activities, providing companies with the tools to innovate faster, protect brand reputation, and deliver outstanding customer service.

“The ultimate promise of AI for customer experience is unlimited digital capacity across the front office. We believe that Sprinklr Digital Twin technology will help increase an enterprise’s digital capacity to get work done. With the Sprinklr Unified-CXM platform, access to the world’s unstructured data that is publicly available, and proprietary AI combined with industry-leading generative AI capabilities, we believe that we are uniquely positioned to help our customers realize the true promise of AI. We want to help every customer unlock the transformative value of speed, innovation, and cost savings with AI,” said Ragy Thomas, Founder and CEO, Sprinklr.

Sprinklr Surveys 

Alongside the Digital Twin, Sprinklr also launched Sprinklr Surveys. This AI-driven tool allows companies to gather both solicited and unsolicited feedback, integrating these insights with existing data across more than 30 platforms. With features like AI-assisted survey creation and modernized conversational surveys, Sprinklr Surveys promises enhanced response rates and deeper insights, providing businesses a comprehensive understanding of customer sentiments.

“We continue to execute against our vision of a completely unified front office on the only Unified-CXM platform on the market. Sprinklr Surveys will help enterprises redefine their CFM process by combining solicited survey feedback with unsolicited feedback and internal business data to derive meaningful, actionable insights. Modernized surveys with conversational UI are the future of research and critical for brands that want to accurately capture feedback from customers,” said Ragy Thomas, Founder and CEO, Sprinklr.

Other offerings  

Additionally, Sprinklr introduced a range of solution-specific applications designed to address particular market needs. The Crisis Management Solution App, for instance, enables brands to proactively manage potential crises by monitoring social media and other channels with minimal setup required.

Further enhancing its platform, Sprinklr announced Sprinklr VoiceConnect, a vertically integrated CPaaS solution, which simplifies voice connectivity for customer service centers by providing high-quality voice connections integrated directly into the Sprinklr Service.

To streamline marketing operations, the new Sprinklr Project Management & Collaboration tool consolidates tasks typically scattered across emails and spreadsheets into a unified platform, enhancing team coordination and project transparency.

Furthermore, recognizing the needs of smaller teams, Sprinklr has expanded its offerings to include Sprinklr Social Self-Serve, a simplified and more accessible version of its enterprise social media management system. This initiative is complemented by the launch of the Sprinklr Community, a digital space where users can connect, share experiences, and cultivate a collaborative environment.

These advancements by Sprinklr are set to redefine how businesses interact with their customers, manage feedback, and handle crises, all while maintaining a cohesive and proactive brand presence across various channels. As these tools roll out, Sprinklr continues to solidify its position as a leader in the unified customer experience management space, providing scalable solutions that meet the evolving demands of modern enterprises.

Not too long ago, Sprinklr unveiled Conversational AI+ as part of its Release 18.11 in Sprinklr Service, allowing businesses to rapidly implement and expand generative AI-driven bots capable of engaging in text and voice conversations that closely mimic human interactions.