Sprinklr Unveils Conversational AI+ for Human-Like Customer Interactions

Sprinklr has unveiled Conversational AI+ as part of its Release 18.11 in Sprinklr Service, allowing businesses to rapidly implement and expand generative AI-driven bots capable of engaging in text and voice conversations that closely mimic human interactions.

"Sprinklr is committed to helping our enterprise customers recognize 20-40% productivity improvements across the front office. Our 18.11 release includes AI-powered capabilities across every product suite, including tools empowering brands to create and deploy virtual assistants that truly understand and engage with customers. We believe that Sprinklr is the fastest and most effective way for customers and prospects to get AI into a global brand’s front office,” said Ragy Thomas, Founder and CEO, Sprinklr.

In September, Sprinklr introduced the platform release version 18.8 , bringing the Sprinklr AI+ platform, into integration with Google Cloud's Vertex AI and OpenAI's GPT models.

With the release of Sprinklr 18.11 and the introduction of Conversational AI+, businesses can build intelligent bots that mimic human interactions. This process involves three simple steps: defining the bot persona, specifying its functions, and training skills.

Streamlining bot creation and refinement 

FAQ & transaction skill is a feature that allows businesses to train a bot quickly by inputting their website or knowledge base URL, or uploading PDF documents. This capability empowers businesses to handle frequently asked questions and automate transactions without requiring human intervention. This not only improves efficiency but also enhances customer satisfaction.

Additionally, Free-form conversational flows offer a more natural and engaging conversational experience for end customers. By allowing dynamic and context-specific conversations, businesses can create a personalized interaction that avoids the rigid and robotic feel often associated with traditional bots.

To ensure brand compliance, Sprinklr guardrails act as a safeguard for businesses. It adds an extra layer of control to guarantee that the responses generated by the generative AI align with the brand's voice and values. This helps maintain consistency and reinforces the brand identity in virtual assistant interactions.

These functionalities substantially cut down on the time required for deployment, enabling brands to swiftly introduce conversational bots for various purposes. This includes enhancing self-serve rates by empowering customers to resolve issues through a conversational interface, increasing sales through automated product recommendations, and minimizing costs in the voice channel by leveraging conversational AI-powered voice bots equipped with in-house Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) capabilities, among other applications.

Not too long ago, Sprinklr partnered with infinit.cx to help organizations in the DACH region optimize Sprinklr Service and seamlessly transition their customer service to the cloud, including more than 30 digital channels.