Sprinklr Unveils Numerous Innovations in the Winter Release

Sprinkl has announced the launch of the winter release (18.2) of the Unified-CXM platform, designed to help modern enterprises manage customer experiences more effectively. The release includes over 650 new features and enhancements across all four of Sprinklr's product suites. The company is particularly focused on improving its customer service capabilities, introducing 120 new features for CCaaS and 25 new features for AI-powered customer service, which are part of the Sprinklr Service product suite (formerly known as Sprinklr Modern Care).

“For more than a year, we have been working with leading organizations around the world to disrupt the traditional enterprise CCaaS market and deliver new service strategies for digital-first enterprises. With the ability to engage across 30+ channels, we empower customer service teams to seamlessly work across digital, social, and voice channels. Support from AI-self service tools helps brands deliver faster resolution of customer queries at reduced cost,” said Pavitar Singh, Chief  Technology Officer, Sprinklr.

Some of the latest features which are available to all Sprinklr customers include:

  • Predictive Intelligence: By analyzing customer data and recognizing patterns that indicate future behavior, companies can predict potential customer churn or the likelihood of future purchases. This enables businesses to be proactive in their approach by identifying possible cross-selling or upselling opportunities and taking steps to prevent customer churn.

  • Quality management powered by AI offers real-time feedback on agent performance and compliance across all channels of customer communication. Agents can access the reasons for the score which AI delivered and receive recommendations for improvement, ensuring that every conversation is evaluated.

  • Comprehensive commerce solutions in WhatsApp provide customers with a smooth purchasing experience, personalized recommendations, and helpful guidance on WhatsApp through the use of chatbots.

  • Impact Analysis enables organizations to assess how different factors impact their essential strategic metrics, such as CSAT (Customer Satisfaction Score) and NPS (Net Promoter Score).

  • Top contact driver is an automated tool that examines all customer interactions, including those where customers mention similar topics or issues which were not directly addressed.

  • Outbound voice allows contact centers to leverage AI-based predictive dialers and conversational IVR systems, boosting customer engagement rates and minimizing inbound calls, leading to higher conversion rates and improved operational efficiency.

Sprinklr's digital-centric strategy, complemented by a comprehensive CCaaS solution and an integrated platform, assists clients in making modifications to their customer support system. By leveraging Sprinklr's expertise, HDFC Bank has been able to enhance its customer care infrastructure on all channels, including voice.

Sprinklr helps HDFC Bank in the following:

  • Replace 10+ point solutions with one comprehensive platform.

  • Handles over 10 million interactions through digital text-based channels and more than 15 million voice calls every month.

  • By providing a unified console that integrates directly with CRM and back-end systems, over 12,000 contact center agents can now efficiently work across multiple channels, including live chat, WhatsApp, social media, SMS, email, and voice. This eliminates the inconvenience for customers by switching channels to address their concerns and agents' frustration with having to switch between different systems.

  • With the help of Sprinklr's AI and automation technology, HDFC Bank has been able to improve agent productivity through the implementation of chatbots, voice bots, workforce management, and IVR, now achieving nearly 70% resolution using automated tools.

  • Reduce average handling times by 15% and decrease first response times by 50%.

Meanwhile, Sprinklr has recently published a report in partnership with Customer Contact Week Digital entitled "Outsmarting Adversities | Customer Service Trends & Opportunities" to highlight concerning statistics for customer service teams and brands.