Playvox Expands its Portfolio to Support Hiring Challenges

Workforce engagement management solutions provider Playvox has expanded its Workforce Management (WFM) Capacity Planner solution to help customers from various industries such as food delivery, insurance, or healthcare, deal with operational challenges and manage their employees more adequately.

Labor shortages, an unstable economic climate, and rising costs have caused contact center leaders to look for solutions that can help them operate efficiently at a lower cost.

The expanded Workforce Management Capacity Planner lets contact center providers:

  • Easily access historical data to bring about a fluid capacity plan

  • Use a solution that doesn't need outside consulting

  • Obtain visibility with absence, shrinkage, and attrition thresholds to obtain the best scenario for their unique business needs

  • Learn how to scale workflow levels

  • Have an authentic view of staff availability.

"Playvox WFM Capacity Planner is a transformative offering to operationalize and support the way organizations throughout all industries prepare and forecast for the long-term. By leveraging Playvox's technology, this solution eliminates what many in the industry refer to as 'excel hell' involved with manual forecasting. The information is color-coded for easy interpretation, allowing for differing scenarios to be modeled, giving operations more insight and knowledge when trying to make decisions about long term staff. Users also have the ability to share online or export to CSV, making it easy to collaborate on plans," said Kristyn Emenecker, Playvox's Chief Product and Strategy Officer.

More about Playvox

Playvox's workforce management solutions aim to keep the cost of customer service down and productivity up. The platform helps organizations master operations, improve employee engagement and reduce costs. Further, it streamlines agent training and captures customer feedback at "cloud" speed.

The company powers huge tech brands such as Twitter, Zendesk, and Noom, while some top customer service teams that use Playvox are Fiverr, Okta, Dropbox, and Delivery Hero.

The company has also recently launched a new AI-based quality assurance feature, AutoQA.