Text Request Launches FranConnect Integration

Text Request has announced an integration with franchise management software FranConnect, to streamline communication efforts between brands and customers.

The aim of the integration is to improve the experience for franchise brands looking to grow and connect with their customers through text messages. The integration offers a number of features to users who use FranConnect CRM, FranConnect Sales, or both, making the whole process more convenient.

Some of the features include:

  • Conversation Sync that will move messages from Text Request into FranConnect's contact pages.

  • Contact Sync that will take contacts from FranConnect into the Text Request contact list.

  • Workflows that will enable customers to develop text message triggers to set up automatic texts for new leads as soon as they come into FranConnect.

"Text Request was born out of necessity, and this sentiment holds true for all of the enhancements, integrations, and updates we've released along the way. We set out each day to make things easier for our customers — and for their customers — and providing a new and improved experience for those in the franchise space is one more way we're achieving that goal," said Text Request CTO, Rob Reagan.

Customers who leverage Text Request and FranConnect can activate the integration and personalize their preferences from the Integrations section in their Text Request accounts.

Meanwhile, in November last year, Text Request released the 2023 State of Business Texting Report highlighting the biggest trends, challenges, and opportunities in this area.