Chatting with Customers on Your iPhone? Now It‘s Possible

Vee24 has released a new video chat iOS app that connects customers with customer service. The new VeeStudio for Mobile app is a streamlined but effective version of Vee24's desktop video chat application, designed specifically for iOS devices and customer service agents.

"Video chat brings the full experience of a showroom or boutique online, providing immersive digital experiences that lead customers to make informed purchases, feel satisfied with their shopping experience, and build brand loyalty. The VeeStudio mobile app will help brands connect their virtual and in-person experiences and enable teams to provide superior sales support," said Tomer Azenkot, CEO, Vee24.

VeeStudio for Mobile app enables sales associates in boutiques, showrooms, and dark stores to use their mobile devices for impactful one-on-one video chats with customers. Through the brand's website, customers can easily request a video call from any device and connect with an in-store agent in real-time to get a closer look at the products they're interested in. The app also supports text chat for communication between agents and customers.

In addition to enhancing customer experiences, the VeeStudio for Mobile app is also good for employee experiences. Companies can schedule the app to operate during set store hours, enabling requests for engagement to be made only during dedicated service times. In addition, the app features a "Do Not Disturb" mode for agents, which prevents incoming calls while they're helping in-store customers or taking a break. Agents can also multitask and use other apps while still being able to receive incoming customer requests.

 Launching the VeeStudio for Mobile app is another addition to their suite of tools that helps Vee24 consistently deliver better customer service and may help redefine the e-commerce landscape.

It seems that Vee24 is consistently working on improving customer service experience on mobile, as the company recently launched a new integration for WhatsApp to enable brands to communicate with their clients via asynchronous messaging.