Ushur and Amazon Connect Integration to Enhance Agent Productivity and Customer Service

Customer experience automation provider Ushur has announced an expanded collaboration with AWS and the availability of its integration with Amazon Connect. Amazon Connect is a user-friendly omnichannel cloud contact center offered by AWS, known for delivering exceptional customer service at a reduced cost.

Ushur's no-code platform is specifically designed to enable enterprise teams to quickly create and implement automated, personalized experiences in industries such as insurance, healthcare, and financial services. By utilizing Ushur's solution and integrating it with Amazon Connect, critical customer data can be gathered and presented to customer service agents, ensuring that all parties have timely access to the right information throughout the customer service journey.

“We are ecstatic to leverage Amazon Connect in the Ushur ecosystem and to further optimize customer experiences no matter what channel they occur on. Ushur brings a first-to -market capability where customers can interact with an enterprise over voice channels, and deflect seamlessly to an app-like experience in Ushur Invisible App, ” said Bruce Holbert, Head of Global Partnerships and Channels at Ushur.

Ushur users can automate the process of gathering customer data, even while agents are actively engaged in phone conversations with customers.

Amazon Connect simplifies contact center operations by providing an omnichannel platform and service center that allows users to design and maintain customer service operations. With its API-driven solution and cloud-based voice capabilities, Amazon Connect offers a powerful combination of features. Integrating Ushur with Amazon Connect enables the automation of end-to-end customer experiences across multiple channels. This integration leads to a more proactive, adaptable, and agile customer service approach, resulting in improved responsiveness and flexibility.

Ushur will prioritize delivering voice-enabled and omnichannel customer experiences to insurance carriers, healthcare organizations, and financial services companies that require digital transformation.