SymphonyAI Launches SensaAI for Sanctions to Transform Compliance with Advanced AI

SymphonyAI has unveiled SensaAI for Sanctions, a cutting-edge upgrade that enhances any sanctions compliance system. This innovative platform leverages sophisticated AI algorithms to improve the accuracy of matching processes, disrupting efforts to evade sanctions.

“SensaAI for Sanctions revolutionizes the battle against increasingly sophisticated sanctions evaders, giving financial institutions immediate, powerful AI that is easy to adopt and use. SensaAI for Sanctions is light-years ahead of existing solutions, delivering contextual awareness, accuracy, and ROI. At SymphonyAI, we continue to invest boldly in delivering the power of our combined generative and predictive AI. We are excited to revolutionize sanctions screening efficiency and accuracy for financial institutions worldwide to outwit even the most resourceful bad actors,” said Mike Foster, President of Financial Services Division, SymphonyAI.

Equipped with pre-trained models  

SensaAI for Sanctions operates seamlessly with existing systems via API integration and is equipped with pre-trained models, eliminating the need for extensive setup or training data. Employing AI-driven methods improves the identification of potential risks while minimizing false positives, particularly when handling complex and unstructured data like SWIFT transactions.

Providing in-depth insights  

One of its key features is its ability to provide in-depth insights into match accuracy through AI-generated scores and clear explanations in plain language. In addition, it offers flexibility by being compatible with various case management systems and can quickly adapt to evolving threats due to its extensive training on historical data spanning decades of sanctions-related activities.

Prioritizing alerts based on risk levels  

This solution also streamlines the screening process by automatically prioritizing alerts based on risk levels, ensuring that investigators focus on the most critical issues first. With its continual learning capabilities, SensaAI for Sanctions not only delivers measurable cost savings but also enhances transparency and efficiency across all levels of operations, from frontline investigators to top-level decision-makers.

"SensaAI for Sanctions arrives at a critical time for sanctions screening, offering a robust solution that aligns with the market's shift towards more sophisticated, detection-agnostic tools. Its current deployment simplicity reflects a keen understanding of the evolving needs in risk management. The potential of SensaAI for Sanctions to adapt to specific regional requirements without overwhelming users with false positives is particularly promising," said Nick Vitchev, Research Director for Chartis Research.

Elsewhere, SymphonyAI has introduced the Sensa Investigation Hub, a platform that leverages generative AI capabilities to transform financial institutions' management of financial crime.