Vonage Unlocks the Potential of Conversational Commerce with New Features

Vonage has announced enhancements to its Vonage Conversational Commerce solution, powered by Jumper.ai. These updates enable businesses to improve customer engagement across various channels and enhance mobility through live chat and messaging capabilities on any device or platform.

"As technology advances and customer expectations evolve, businesses must innovate and find new ways to connect with their customers. With Vonage Conversational Commerce, we are meeting these expectations and exceeding them by providing seamless and personalized interactions at every touchpoint. These latest enhancements represent our commitment to continuously push the boundaries of conversational commerce and empower businesses to create meaningful, lasting relationships with their customers," said Ron Maayan, SVP Product, Vonage.

Vonage mobile app 

Vonage has introduced a mobile app for iOS and Android as part of its Conversational Commerce solution, enabling conversational commerce agents to access live chat features on the go and allowing businesses to establish meaningful connections with their customers from any location. With the mobile app, agents can provide immediate customer support through real-time messaging while having the same functionality, resources, CRM, and customer information on the Jumper.ai unified dashboard.

Attentive widget 

In addition, the Conversational Commerce Attentive Widget allows businesses to integrate instant messaging widgets into their website. This feature ensures that businesses can engage with customers when they express interest, maximizing the opportunity for interaction.

Powered by AI-driven bots and conveniently accessible through the customer experience management dashboard, the interactive Attentive Widget enables businesses to initiate conversations early in the customer journey.

Additionally, businesses can leverage conversational commerce for product placements on third-party sites, including influential blogs. The solution also helps businesses improve the visibility of new product launches and promotional offers.

Unlike other widgets, the Attentive Widget allows businesses to engage in live chat with customers, share products, complete orders, and even process payments, all directly within the widget itself. By initiating conversations with the appropriate context, businesses can embed the widget in various locations such as websites, product pages, blog articles, and FAQ pages, maximizing customer engagement and facilitating seamless interactions throughout the customer journey.

More messaging capabilities  

Furthermore, the solution has expanded its messaging capabilities by incorporating SMS and Google Business Messenger (GBM) into its platform. This allows businesses to communicate with customers directly through these channels using a unified customer experience management dashboard. Additionally, businesses can leverage the AI-enabled Chatbot Builder to create chatbots that can operate across all these messaging channels.

Vonage Conversational Commerce already supports a wide range of social and messaging apps, including Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber, Twitter, Instagram, LINE, Google Adlingo Ads, Webchat, Telegram, iMessage, and more, enabling businesses to engage with their customers through their preferred communication platforms.

Vonage modularization 

The company has also introduced three modular packages designed to cater to the diverse requirements of businesses:

Notify - This package is designed for notifications and marketing purposes, providing comprehensive features for broadcasting messages and engaging in live chat interactions.

Engage - With this package; businesses can enjoy additional advantages in both broadcasting messages and live chat functionalities, enabling the creation of intelligent bots that address the evolving needs of customers through FAQs and customer support.

Convert - It combines all the benefits of the Notify and Engage packages and incorporates robust commerce and payment capabilities.