Weave and Affirm Join Forces to Enable Flexible Healthcare Payments 

Weave has partnered with Affirm, to extend flexible payment choices to thousands of Weave's customers. This will streamline the process for eligible patients to access and manage the cost of their healthcare, enhancing affordability and accessibility.

Through their collaboration with Affirm, Weave customers can now provide their patients with the option to finance their expenses over time, with the potential for rates as low as 0% APR. This integration incorporates Affirm into Weave's payment system, allowing patients to quickly apply for Affirm financing and spread their payments over a period, reducing the initial financial strain. Additionally, this partnership offers the benefit of faster payment processing for healthcare providers, enhancing overall efficiency in receiving payments.

“Collecting payments is one of the most important parts of the patient's journey. A smooth and efficient payment process can help to create a positive patient experience, build trust, and encourage repeat business, which is why we are excited to partner with Affirm. By providing more flexible and affordable payment options, we are empowering patients to take control of their healthcare and ensuring that cost doesn’t prevent them from receiving the care they need,” said Branden Neish, Chief Product & Technology Officer of Weave.

Weave and Affirm's collaboration to broaden patient payment choices is driven by a common goal: to eliminate obstacles to healthcare access and guarantee that individuals can easily obtain the required healthcare services.

“By partnering with Weave, thousands of healthcare practices can now seamlessly add Affirm’s transparent and flexible payment options at checkout. Patients are eager to pay over time without junk fees, late fees, or compounding interest, and now these businesses can address that demand,” said Wayne Pommen, Chief Revenue Officer of Affirm.

Speaking of enhancing the payment experience for patients, Weave has updated its payments platform by introducing a new feature - Mobile Tap to Pay - which enables patients and clients to make contactless payments conveniently.