What Are the Main Drivers of In-App Shopping Today?

Social media continues to drive in-app purchases effectively, according to a survey by DISQO. Still, consumers are finding it difficult to trust social media marketing. The data emphasizes the substantial potential for achieving lower funnel outcomes through social media, considering that almost 80% of consumers engage with social platforms on a daily basis.

“With the 2024 holiday shopping season entering full force, brands need effective strategies to harness social media’s diverse audiences and undeniable engagement power. We’re not just talking about digital natives, like Gen Z, but also older generations who are now also buying within social media. Brands should use this season to test bespoke social content for different cohorts and platforms while also considering the overriding impact of customer experience over influencer marketing,” said David Grabert, VP of Brand & Communications, DISQO.

While some studies say that personalized offers or user-generated reviews are the crucial drivers that influence online shopping, DISQO's report brings to light more factors.

CX factors drive in-app purchases 

Key elements influencing in-app purchase decisions are consumer experience (CX) factors. Product reviews (28%), discounts (24%), and seller trustworthiness (22%) top the list. Even though it may come as a surprise, influencer recommendations have minimal impact, with only 2% of respondents indicating their influence on purchase decisions across generations.

Low consumer trust in social media ads  

Trust in social media ads is notably low, with only 5% expressing moderate trust in any form of social media advertising. Sponsored posts slightly outperform influencer posts in terms of the trust, with a 6-point difference between the two. Brands can seize an opportunity by engaging in content that highlights positive reviews and promotions, as these factors are more likely to drive purchase actions.

Age stereotypes in social media shopping 

Conventional assumptions about age and social media shopping are debunked by the report. More millennials (45%) and GenX consumers (39%) engage in in-app e-commerce activity on social media compared to GenZers (37%). The data suggests that shopping in-app spans generational groups, with most of them showing less than a 10-point difference from the general population (40%), indicating a strong potential to reach consumers across generations.