Tellius Integrates GenAI for Powerful Data Exploration and Analytics

AI-native analytics company Tellius has unveiled an expansion of its generative AI (GenAI) capabilities to allow users across all levels to confidently explore, discover, and act on data. The introduction of GenAI-powered narratives, search collaborative stories, and robust enterprise guardrails signifies a transformative shift in data exploration and decision-making.

"We're thrilled to layer GenAI into our robust AI-powered analytics platform to enable everyone to work with data and confidently get insights. Our AI-native approach, coupled with our contextual understanding of your business and focus on security, means our customers get answers and insights that users can confidently trust," said Ajay Khanna, CEO and Founder of Tellius.

The platform integrates GenAI seamlessly with its established AI-powered search and dashboards while introducing enterprise-grade guardrails to ensure data integrity, reliability, and compliance. Organizations can also input their OpenAI keys or run the platform behind their firewall, prioritizing the protection of sensitive data.

The upcoming Tellius 5.0 release is set to transform the analytics workflow through GenAI enhancements, introducing features like GenAI-Powered Narratives for quick summaries, GenAI-Powered Search for nuanced language understanding, GenAI-Powered Data Transformation for simplified preparation processes, and Collaborative Stories for enhanced analytical collaboration.

Tellius continues to prioritize comprehensive metadata management and seamless dataset management, meeting the stringent data management standards of today's enterprises. "Tellius understands that large language models (LLMs), while powerful, lack specific knowledge about your business and can sometimes provide inaccurate or misleading answers. We address this inherent limitation through an embedded semantic layer, knowledge graph, and human-in-the-loop approach to deliver relevant and accurate answers to build trust with our users," said Hardik Chheda, Chief Product Officer of Tellius.