8×8 Introduces Technology Partner Ecosystem

8x8 has introduced the 8x8 Technology Partner Ecosystem, a program designed to enable customer-centric organizations to elevate their customer experience. This initiative enables businesses to integrate cutting-edge technologies, such as advanced artificial intelligence (AI), directly into the 8x8 platform, resulting in improved business intelligence, insights, and analytics through persistent data.

The 8x8 Technology Partner Ecosystem democratizes the process of seamless, native integrations with next-generation capabilities accessible to organizations of all sizes. This eliminates the need for complex and costly custom development, making it feasible for businesses beyond the largest enterprises to leverage these advanced features and enhance their customer experience.

“A one size fits all approach no longer works. Instead, organizations expect their technology solutions and providers to innovate, adapt and evolve to meet their current and future business and customer needs. We are thrilled to announce the 8x8 Technology Partner Ecosystem, and even more excited to partner with so many industry leading, innovative CX vendors. The program complements our native AI-driven 8x8 XCaaS platform capabilities, giving enterprises the flexibility to build the right solutions to meet and exceed their customer experience goals,” said Hunter Middleton, Chief Product Officer at 8x8, Inc.

The 8x8 Technology Partner Ecosystem comprises a diverse network of over 30 partners. The program has recently welcomed several new members, including Cognigy, Avoira, Awaken, Balto, Converse360, Cresta, Engage Hub, LogicDialog, PromptVoice, Roboyo, Skybox Communications, and Syndeo.

Leveraging the open architecture of the 8x8 XCaaS platform, the 8x8 Technology Partner Ecosystem fosters a collaborative environment for top technology partners. This ecosystem promotes innovation and enables enterprises to access a wide range of solutions that empower them to deliver exceptional experiences to their own customers.


Data Accessibility: The ecosystem eliminates data barriers by enabling organizations to access data from various applications and interfaces. It ensures that conversational context is maintained even during transitions between the 8x8 XCaaS platform and partner integrations.

Next-Generation Technology: Customers gain access to cutting-edge technology and can explore new integration categories through an open and ecosystem-centered platform.

Tailored Solutions: Organizations can create customized solutions using readily available technologies within the ecosystem. This eliminates the need for costly custom development or excessive overhead expenses.

Seamless Integrations: The ecosystem provides seamless integrations that are carefully selected from a trusted group of industry-leading customer experience (CX) partners.

Members can take advantage of the multiple benefits, such as collaborating on joint go-to-market strategies, exploring new use cases, harnessing platform-wide data, and expanding customer reach.

In other news, 8x8 has appointed Lisa Martin as its new Chief Revenue Officer (CRO). Reporting directly to the company's CEO, Martin will be looking after revenue growth, overseeing sales strategies, and managing the global sales organization.