8×8 Updates its XCaaS Platform

8x8 has announced improvements to its integrated cloud contact center and unified communications platform - 8x8 XCaaS - with the aim of improving the overall experience for agents, administrators, and customers using the platform.

“Organizations are constantly evolving, so it’s imperative that their technology vendors anticipate and prepare for those changes by evolving themselves. We are continuing to innovate and advance our 8x8 XCaaS cloud contact center and communications platform to ensure that our customers always have the tools and resources they need to guarantee exceptional employee and customer engagement,” said Hunter Middleton, Chief Product Officer at 8x8, Inc.

The latest feature improvements for 8x8 Contact Center are the following:

8x8 Intelligent Customer Assistant  

8x8 has launched a conversational AI self-service solution - the Intelligent Customer Assistant - which allows businesses to create automated self-service interactions for customers across various digital channels.

The solution quickly improves first contact resolution with end-to-end automation while minimizing agent workload by taking on routine tasks. In addition, its pre-built integrations enable personalized customer interactions, and its built-in manager analytics optimize decision-making.

Better agent visibility 

The updated 8x8 Agent Workspace Dashboard offers enhanced agent visibility by providing a comprehensive view of the agents and the queues in a single dashboard, allowing agents to view their coworker's availability and service demand levels with just one click.

Better agent productivity  

8x8's integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 is now available in limited availability and includes the Customer Service module. This integration aims to enhance agent productivity by incorporating communication and contact center functions into essential workflows. It allows agents to personalize every interaction, resulting in better customer engagement and retention.

The company's new integration with Salesforce Sales Engagement, now generally available, enables agents to handle customer interactions quickly while providing contextual and consistent experiences across all channels.

Speaking of available enhancements for 8x8 Unified Communications, 8x8 has added:

Mobile administration updates  

8x8 has made enhancements to its Mobile Admin feature, enabling system administrators to execute operational tasks directly from their mobile devices. With the 8x8 Work for Mobile app, administrators can view key metrics, configurations, and parameters, boosting operational efficiency and confidence in 8x8 services. This new capability provides immediate visibility into incidents and updates, including activity metrics for inbound and outbound call volumes.

Unified Communications Audit History  

The company has introduced a new feature in its Admin Console called Unified Communications Audit History. This feature allows system administrators to access historical configuration details, providing complete audit visibility and information about what changes were made, when, and who made them.

SMS 10DLC Application-to-Person (A2P) Registration  

US and Canadian organizations can now comply with new SMS requirements and improve message deliverability by leveraging the streamlined process for campaign registration - SMS 10DLC Application-to-Person (A2P) Registration.

New phone and accessory certifications 

8x8 has recently certified a variety of new phones, headsets, and accessories that are compatible with its service, including the Yealink T5 series desk phones, Poly Edge E series desk phones, and a range of headsets and USB accessories from Poly and EPOS, including the SYNC series.

The 8x8 XCaaS solution provides a single-vendor platform that integrates a cloud contact center, business phone, video meetings, team chat, and SMS capabilities. It is built on the secure and compliant 8x8 eXperience Communications Platform, which offers high levels of reliability. With this solution, businesses can rely on a resilient platform that delivers multiple communication and collaboration features in one place.

These new enhancements build upon the recent ones 8x8  announced across its XCaaS platform, which aim to transform business and contact center performance while delivering excellent customer experiences.