SymphonyAI Launches New Investigation Hub to Simplify Financial Crime Detection 

SymphonyAI has introduced the Sensa Investigation Hub, a platform that leverages generative AI capabilities to transform how financial institutions manage financial crime.

The Sensa Investigation Hub employs predictive and generative AI technology alongside global expertise in risk and compliance, resulting in a platform that spans entire enterprises and ushers in the next generation of investigative tools, boosting investigator productivity by as much as 70%.

"The Sensa Investigation Hub revolutionizes productivity, consistency, and strategic effectiveness for forward-thinking financial institutions worldwide. With bold innovation, our unique financial crime AI models, and breakthrough predictive and generative AI capabilities, SymphonyAI has delivered breathtaking power, simplicity, and effectiveness for every role and tier of organizations engaged in detecting and preventing financial crime, fraud, and money-laundering," said Mike Foster, CEO of SymphonyAI Sensa-NetReveal.

Expanding upon the success of the Sensa Copilot for financial crime investigators, which was introduced earlier this year to expedite the investigation of financial crime alerts, the Sensa Investigation Hub takes this a step further. It streamlines precise and quicker investigative processes and reporting by merging an entity-focused approach to risk assessment with generative AI's rapid and user-friendly capabilities.

This hub is designed to work seamlessly with existing financial crime solutions, regardless of the detection engine they use. It offers a unified perspective on risk, ensures audits that meet regulatory requirements, and provides end-to-end transparency.

GenAI-powered investigation and integration with existing solutions

With the help of Sensa Copilot, which is integrated within the hub, investigations are accelerated by approximately 70%. This is achieved by efficiently gathering, summarizing, and analyzing data on a large scale while presenting results in a format easily questioned and understood in natural language.

Additionally, The Sensa Investigation Hub complements existing detection systems, regardless of their detection methods. Its adaptable data ingestion process collaborates harmoniously with established detection solutions.

Operating as a SaaS solution, the Sensa Investigation Hub consolidates the technology stack related to risk and compliance into a single platform. It effectively manages various financial crime detection and compliance risks across business units and asset classes.

Moreover, the hub adopts an approach that focuses on entities, providing a comprehensive perspective on risk. This begins with anti-money laundering and expands rapidly to encompass sanctions, know your customer (KYC), customer due diligence (CDD), and fraud.

The Sensa Investigation Hub ensures transparency and auditability throughout the decision-making and reporting processes. It aligns with organizational procedures, policies, and regulatory requirements, ensuring consistency, the ability to conduct audits, and clear explanations for decisions made.

In August this year, SymphonyAI partnered with EY US to help organizations leverage predictive and generative AI software for digital transformation and enhanced efficiency.