Accenture and Microsoft Partner to Drive Innovation Across Sectors with Generative AI

Accenture and Microsoft have extended their partnership to assist organizations in embracing the potential of generative AI while leveraging the power of the cloud. The two companies, along with their joint venture Avanade, will collaborate in the development of innovative industry-specific and functional solutions to enable clients to fully harness the capabilities of generative AI across their entire enterprise.

“Generative AI is driving innovation and reinvention, transforming work across industries, and changing the ways we access information. Our expanded partnership with Microsoft will help our clients find the right ways to responsibly build and scale this exciting technology across their enterprises and realize the value it can create,” said Julie Sweet, chair and CEO, Accenture.

As a continuation of Accenture's substantial investment of $3 billion in AI, the collaboration between Accenture and Microsoft is progressing with the joint development of fresh industry-specific, and functional solutions. Additionally, they are actively exploring novel use cases to expand the application of AI technology.

“Expanding our collaboration with Accenture will accelerate adoption of the world’s most advanced AI models, backed by Azure, and enable Accenture to deliver innovative AI-powered industry solutions that will help customers take advantage of the newest innovations. Through this initiative, we will work with Accenture to harness the power of Microsoft Azure, Azure OpenAI Service, and Microsoft 365 Copilot to deliver AI-empowered solutions, within our trusted cloud, that will help companies achieve more,” said Eric Boyd, corporate vice president, AI Platform at Microsoft.

Use cases across industries  

The two companies are helping the financial services sector, partnering with banks, insurers, and other industry players to assess use cases that offer low risk and high value. Specifically, they are exploring solutions that leverage Azure OpenAI Service to enable content aggregation, summarization, and transcription analysis. These solutions aim to assist business analysts in streamlining their processes, enhancing efficiency, and extracting valuable insights from the gathered data.

In addition, Accenture and Microsoft are actively leveraging Microsoft Power Platform and Azure OpenAI Service in the healthcare sector. They are facilitating healthcare use cases, including patient care, contact center transformation, medical image analysis, and patient data synthesis to improve clinical decision-making, automate administrative tasks, and ultimately enhance patient outcomes.

Accenture is expanding its portfolio of intelligent supply chain solutions by incorporating Microsoft Copilot and Supply Chain Center. One notable enhancement is seen in Accenture's logistics control tower solution, which now has the ability to analyze unstructured data from news alerts. This enables the prediction of potential delays and provides recommendations to supply chain operators, allowing for prompt inventory reallocation to mitigate disruptions effectively.

Furthermore, they are integrating Azure Open AI Service into clients' contact center operations to drive improvements in agent productivity and customer satisfaction. The companies will enable real-time insights and suggestions, empowering agents to handle complex customer interactions more effectively. They gain a deeper understanding of customer sentiment and can deliver personalized experiences that cater to individual needs, resulting in enhanced customer satisfaction levels.

Building upon their successful collaboration in offering Accenture Adaptive Detection and Response with Microsoft Sentinel, Accenture, and Microsoft are striving to deliver comprehensive security solutions. These solutions aim to boost cyber protection and resilience by harnessing the power of generative AI. By working closely with Microsoft engineering teams on initiatives such as Security CoPilot and developing contextual extensions of LLM models, automation, and rapid engineering, the companies are taking a pioneering approach to cyber response.

By utilizing the recently established Accenture Center for Advanced AI, which focuses on generative AI and large language models, along with Avanade's AI Organizational Readiness Framework, Accenture and Microsoft are committed to assisting clients in the exploration and experimentation of generative AI. The collaboration also includes the establishment of the Accenture and Avanade Generative AI Lab, which will leverage the resources of the Microsoft Technology Center in Canada. This lab will enable clients worldwide to leverage Azure OpenAI Service and drive operational excellence through the adoption of AI technologies.

AWS partnership  

Accenture has also announced an extended collaboration with AWS to help organizations leverage the power of large language models (LLMs) and generative AI for accelerated business transformation.

The collaboration will focus on deploying advanced AWS machine learning and AI technologies, such as Amazon SageMaker and Amazon Titan, on addressing clients' organizational challenges, driving business transformation, and fostering innovation.

Additionally, Accenture will scale its AWS AI talent and work with AWS to develop new AI-driven capabilities across various industries, including financial services, life sciences, connected customer experiences, and supply chain intelligence. The partnership aims to provide clients with comprehensive solutions and expertise in utilizing cloud-based generative AI technology effectively and responsibly.