ServiceNow Releases New Capabilities that Foster Productivity

ServiceNow has added new capabilities that help organizations manage workplace productivity challenges.

Built on the ServiceNow platform, the new capabilities include Automated Service Suggestions, Service Request Playbook for Public Sector, and Workplace Scenario Planning.

All of these aim to accelerate the automation of complex processes for enterprises and government agencies, fostering customer and employee experiences.

“Our customers’ greatest challenges are our greatest inspiration. CIOs are looking for technology that addresses modern workplace issues to quickly accelerate value across their organization. At ServiceNow, we’re working hard to roll out new features that meet the growing needs of our customers. Only the ServiceNow platform has the flexibility and extensibility to work in any type of organization, anywhere, to remove the complexity from everyday work,” said CJ Desai, Chief Operating Officer at ServiceNow.

This news comes on the heels of the recent Tokyo Platform release, which also focuses on improvement in engagement and productivity across the enterprise, with an emphasis on streamlined order management.

Automated Service Suggestions

Available through Service Mapping Plus, Automated Service Suggestions use machine learning to analyze an organization’s network traffic and provide suggestions on entry points for business-critical services.

Using Service Mapping, IT teams can build a high-fidelity map of infrastructure and middleware while reducing the time and money needed to create an accurate enterprise-wide mapping. In cases of emergency, IT teams are able to identify issues and quickly respond to IT events.

Service Request Playbook for Public Sector

Part of ServiceNow Public Sector Digital Services, Service Request Playbook is an app specifically built to digitize and automate the service request process, enabling government workers to handle more inbound requests in less time.

In addition, the public can request services and track their status anywhere, anytime, and on any device.

Workplace Scenario Planning

To ensure that organizations are operating more strategically when it comes to workspace planning, Workplace Scenario Planning offers tools that let businesses better manage spending and improve the office experience.

Before actually implementing changes in the workspace, space planners can design, compare, and experiment with various space allocation scenarios using a visual drag-and-drop interface. This helps optimize space, reduce costs, and contribute to a more collaborative and productive office experience.