Acquia Adds New Features to its Customer Data Platform

Open digital experience company Acquia has added new features to its customer data platform (CDP) to assist marketing teams. These updates enable marketers and data scientists to easily utilize the data managed by the Acquia CDP and enhance the CDP's role in customer data strategies. The Acquia CDP, which is part of the Acquia Digital Experience Platform (DXP), is an open platform that allows companies to combine content and data to deliver exceptional digital customer experiences.

“A key tenet of any composable digital experience strategy is ability to work with data across systems. We look for every opportunity to expand integrations between Acquia CDP and other martech systems, and to make it easy for organizations to make full use of their data, while respecting the privacy and preferences of their own customers. In 2023, you’ll see additional enhancements from Acquia designed to support customer self-service and broader integrations,” said Jim Idelson, VP of Product, Acquia CDP.

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Acquia CDP includes:

  • Unified data layer: Acquia's unified data layer, powered by Snowflake, allows for the centralized storage of customer data. This means that the Acquia CDP and other marketing technology products don't need to continually exchange data in order to keep customer information up to date, lowering costs and improving data quality.

  • Direct SQL access: Data scientists are able to directly access analytics, insights, and data within the Acquia CDP. This feature, which is not offered by other important CDP providers, enables data scientists to launch data models within the Acquia CDP. Using other products often requires users to first download data and transfer it to another system, which can create inefficiencies and problems in understanding customer data.

  • Integration with Acquia DAM: The Acquia CDP can integrate with any product information management system, including Acquia PIM. It can now also be integrated with the company's digital asset management (DAM) system, enabling customers to easily utilize existing marketing content, product information, and marketing strategies across both platforms.

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The Acquia Digital Experience Platform (DXP) allows marketers, developers, and IT operations teams to quickly create and deploy digital products and services that leverage their content and data assets to personally engage customers and improve conversions.