NICE Announces Enlighten AutoSummary

NICE has launched Enlighten AutoSummary, an AI-powered contact center solution that automatically generates summaries of every customer interaction with an agent.

The solution provides interaction notes such as customer contact reasons, actions, and outcomes, enabling agents to fully concentrate on addressing the customer's issue during a call. By doing so, agents can improve the quality of service they deliver along with a more comprehensive customer context.

“Enlighten AutoSummary continues NICE’s relentless CXi (Customer Experience interactions) focus on delivering exceptional experiences with innovative AI technology that enables contact centers to capture and summarize critical information in agent interactions with customers. Our latest out-of-the-box solution automatically identifies contact reasons and outcomes with high accuracy– allowing the agents to focus on the customer at the present moment. And, whether the last interaction was 5 minutes or 5 months ago, Enlighten AutoSummary provides the next agent and the supervisor with everything they need to know for more personalized, seamless customer service every time," said Barry Cooper, President, CX Division, NICE.

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Reduced after-call work

Enlighten AutoSummary helps agents improve average handle times and reduce after-call work, which leads to decreased pressure and stress while also boosting productivity. Compared to information from manual notetaking, the solution provides concise, accurate, and actionable summaries immediately available to the next agent in the customer’s journey.

Using predictive AI models based on the industry’s CX dataset, Enlighten AutoSummary continuously improves its understanding of specific customer and agent behaviors with machine learning for more informative interaction narratives.

Further, the solution works with any CRM system so that any agents using tools they are already trained on can access it.

Contact centers can use the summary data as part of comprehensive analytics programs to ensure that promised actions and outcomes have been scheduled.

A few months ago, NICE launched FluenCX - a new integrated suite of digital CX solutions that leverages data and AI to deliver smart self-service.