New Alchemer Solution Lets Businesses Understand and Act on Feedback Instantly

Alchemer has announced Alchemer Pulse, an AI-powered solution built for customer experience and feedback programs that lets organizations analyze and act on customer insights instantly, directly improving business results.

In addition to turning qualitative feedback into actionable insights, Alchemer Pulse uncovers ideas and concepts that an organization may not think to ask, and provides details that would be difficult to uncover in a structured survey.

“Whether it’s from review sites, comments in surveys, or social posts, understanding unstructured customer feedback is difficult because of the volume, complexity, and nature of the data. Alchemer Pulse takes the noise and turns it into very clear, understandable signals that, when acted upon, drive meaningful business results,” said David Roberts, CEO at Alchemer.

Analyzing open text feedback requires manual tagging and sorting of each response which is time-consuming and expensive, and also makes it difficult to ask open-ended questions.

To combat this, Alchemer Pulse consolidates diverse customer feedback sources like surveys, reviews, ratings, social media, and support tickets. It swiftly identifies and quantifies recurring themes using large language models and AI, delivering real-time analysis through intuitive dashboards for rapid business response.

Alchemer makes this possible for its customers through a strategic partnership with Chattermill, the leading CX intelligence platform. Tailored for specific industries and feedback programs, Alchemer Pulse analyzes unstructured feedback against defined datasets, offering powerful insights and limitless potential for its customers.

“For 10 years, Chattermill has been building and refining best-in-class AI models to operationalize the CX data for leading brands like Amazon and Uber. Adding this capability to the Alchemer platform provides their customers with a more powerful way to capture personal feedback and then see it in an actionable way. We couldn’t be more pleased to partner with Alchemer,” said Mikhail Dubov, CEO and Founder at Chattermill.